HWR Berlin is supporting Ukraine

The events in Ukraine are causing tremendous suffering for the people affected, whether in the country itself or on the run. The HWR Berlin encourages all members of the university to actively help and is compiling opportunities for commitment.

Where and how can I help?

Who and what is now needed and where? Numerous aid organizations and initiatives are collecting donations or helping refugees after their arrival. You can find many ways to help on the websites of Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg (rbb) and the Tagesspiegel:

Help now and get involved

Students, lecturers and staff at the HWR Berlin are involved in voluntary work or keep in touch with people in Ukraine. On this page we would like to connect organizations, initiatives and more spontaneous actions with people who want to help Ukraine now. If you would like to join the workgroup "Support for Ukraine", please write to: ukraine(at)hwr-berlin.de

Support refugees now on their arrival in Berlin

At the moment, the Berlin Arrival Support collective is urgently looking for volunteers to work at the Berlin Central Station. The collective supports and organises the arrival of refugees from Ukraine.

Why should I help?

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, hundreds of volunteers in Berlin have welcomed thousands of refugees. As the teams work 24/7, many of the volunteers have now become exhausted. Berlin Arrival Support is therefore in danger of no longer being able to offer people as much help and protection as they need.

Sign up now and help out

Here you can register as a volunteer for one or more shifts. Please register online before you set off for your volunteering assignment at Berlin Central Station. The website is available in 12 languages:

After registering, you will receive a briefing on the first subfloor of the main station and can then immediately start making a difference.

You can find more info here

On Instagram: @berlinarrivalsupport 

How can you help with donations? 

For donations in kind, Berlin Arrival Support works together with adiuto. On the adiuto.org website you can read about what is currently needed in Berlin and where you can take your donations:

If you would rather donate money, you can do so on the Berlin Arrival Support website:

Kontakte e.V., the association of the alumni, friends and supporters of the HWR Berlin, and the university itself are horrified by Russia's attack on Ukraine, which violates international law. The suffering of those affected by the war leaves us speechless, but also inspires the wish to support the victims quickly and efficiently. Both institutions are trying to help within the scope of their possibilities.

Kontakte supports students from Ukraine

Kontakte is calling for donations to support students from Ukraine. The money collected will be used for semester fees incurred and, if necessary, for fees incurred for applications via Uni-Assist.

Programme for students from Ukraine at the HWR Berlin

The programme for students from Ukraine at the HWR Berlin starts at the end of April 2022 and covers a full academic semester. There are already many interested students from Ukrainian universities, some of which have been partner universities of the HWR Berlin for years. The students will be regularly enrolled in a business programme at the Department of Business and Economics at HWR Berlin.

They will study in a set group and can choose from the following courses:

  • Course "Marketing" in English
  • Course "Macroeconomics" in English
  • Language course "Business German"
  • Two courses in Ukrainian, probably "Conflict Management" and "Social Sciences"
  • In addition, Ukrainian students can choose further courses in English from the programme of the "Business Administration" degree programme

The courses in Ukrainian are taught by former teaching staff from the university in Kyiv. The HWR Berlin is currently working out the details.

The HWR Berlin enrols all Ukrainian students as regular students, not as visiting students as is the case at other universities. This gives them access to all benefits: from support from the Studierendenwerk and the BVG semester ticket to email addresses at the HWR Berlin and database access. 

Students need a variety of support – donations can help

Participation in the guest student program presents some participants with economic challenges, as expenses ranging from semester fees to the purchase of materials must be incurred. Kontakte e.V. would therefore like to support the participants financially if necessary and is collecting donations for a hardship fund. A first foundation has already been laid, but this will not be enough by far. Donations from the university community are therefore more than welcome and will fully benefit the students studying in Ukraine.

How to make a donation

If you would like to support the initiative, please transfer your donation to the following account:

Kontakte e. V. at the HWR Berlin
IBAN: DE70 1007 0848 0170 6589 00
Purpose: Donation Ukraine

The association uses all donations entirely for the programme for Ukrainian students at the HWR Berlin..

Successful fundraising campaign: Collecting donations for schools and kindergartens

The HWR Berlin has launched various offers of help. Prof. Dr Jarosław Nabiałek from the Department of Cooperative Studies and his students are particularly involved. The group organises transports of aid supplies to Poland, from where they are delivered to Ukraine. Donors can drop off donations in kind at the collection points at the Lichtenberg and Schöneberg campuses of the HWR Berlin. The next transport will take place shortly.

Kontakte collects money for schools and kindergartens

Until 05 April 2022, Kontakte e.V. has called on you to support Prof. Dr. Jarosław Nabiałek and his team with a monetary donation. The money raised will now benefit Ukrainian children who have fled. There are currently more than 500,000 Ukrainian children of school or kindergarten age in Poland who had to leave everything behind. This is how the donated money will be used:

  • Purchase of educational and school materials
  • Purchase of clothing
  • Catering

The team led by Prof. Dr Jarosław Nabiałek would like to use the money to support refugee Ukrainian children at the primary school in Mierzyn, a town of 8,000 inhabitants near Szczecin.

Many thanks to all the donors!


Once a week, students from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Berlin School of Economics and Law and the University of Łódź travel to the Ukrainian border with a van full of humanitarian aid supplies. On the way back, they take refugees to the Netherlands, where safe accommodation is waiting for them.

On this website, donation organisations from Berlin enter their current need for donations in kind. These can then be reported and taken directly to the place of use, for example to Berlin's main railway station, the central bus station or to the temporary shelters.

The volunteer organisations use digital tools to register their own commitment. In this way, they can see where and when helpers are needed.

For Berlin Central Station

For the Central Bus Station and Südkreuz Station

You have to register first:

In Ukraine, the supply of insulin and food for thousands of diabetics is at risk. Insulin shortages are emerging - infrastructures such as supplies and pharmacies are disrupted, and diabetics are beginning to ration their insulin. Without access to sufficient insulin, they are just days away from fatal ketoacidosis triggered by insulin deficiency, and without food, they are just hours away from debilitating hypoglycemia. Type One Style is organizing donations for those affected.


  • Test strips, spare glucose meters, lancets and other diabetes accessories.
  • Durable and easily transportable sweets such as gummy bears, chocolate, dextrose, candies to maintain blood glucose levels (e.g., on the run, during evacuations)
  • Powerbanks to charge receivers and phones to keep CGMs and insulin pumps running
  • Monetary donations are possible, for transportation (refrigerated transport for insulin) as well as other needs.


The Tüftelakademie's picture dictionary is helpful for everyday life - not only with refugee children. It can support helpers to communicate even without language skills or to teach a basic vocabulary.

Die HWR Berlin sammelt Sachspenden für Menschen aus der Ukraine. Foto: Oana Popa-Costea

18.03.2022: First aid supplies delivery for reception centre in Szczecin

Prof. Dr Jarosław Nabiałek from the Department of Cooperative Studies collected donations for the people in Ukraine with students from the Business Administration/Banking programme. With aid supplies such as baby food, medications, hygiene products, warm clothing and blankets, he set off from the Lichtenberg campus on 18 March 2022 to a reception centre in Szczecin, from where the aid supplies will be transported to Ukraine.

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