Das Portrait der Hochschule für Wirtschaft Berlin in Kurzform

The Berlin School of Economics and Law

Providing the expertise for the new generation of private and public sector managers:
One of Berlin’s largest universities of applied sciences • Academic centre specialised in business and administration skills for the public and private sector, as well as public security, the law and engineering. • More than 50 programmes leading to a Bachelor, Master or MBA degree

High quality standards: Nearly 100% programme accreditation • Quality management a
top priority • awards in equality and environmental issues

Multifaceted international perspective: Global network of more than 100 partner universities • International multilingual programmes • Member of UAS7 "Alliance for Excellence"

Research: Interdisciplinary approach • Internal research funding and management • Research institutes • Third-party projects

Clear focus on applied skills: 16 company-linked programmes • Cooperations with 480 companies • Theory applied in real-life business: lecturers from the industrial sector, degree dissertations with companies, supervised work experience

Firmly rooted in Berlin: Vibrant and exciting city at the heart of Europe • Germany's political and cultural centre • Key location for academia and science more