Our locations

The HWR Berlin is spread across two main campuses, the Schöneberg Campus and the Lichtenberg Campus. The HWR Business Incubation Center is located in Siemensstadt Berlin.

Schöneberg Campus

The teaching and administration facilities at the Schöneberg Campus are housed between the Bavarian quarter and Schöneberg Town Hall. In addition to the Department of Business and Economics, the largest department at the HWR, the Schöneberg Campus houses the Berlin Professional School, the university management, the central university administration and a range of service units.


Campus Schöneberg, Building A
Badensche Straße 52, 10825 Berlin

Lichtenberg Campus

The Lichtenberg Campus is part of the Bildungs- und Verwaltungszentrum Friedrichsfelde (BVZ) in Berlin Lichtenberg. The Departments of Cooperative Studies Business · Technology; Public Administration; Legal Studies; and Police and Security Management are located on the campus. The Berlin Professional School also maintain facilities here.


Campus Lichtenberg, Building 1
Alt-Friedrichsfelde 60, 10315 Berlin

The HWR Berlin Business Incubation Center

Startup Incubator Berlin, the HWR Business Incubation Center is based at Siemensstadt Berlin Spandau. The Business Incubation Center not does offer traditional classes, but provides a range of coaching and consultancy services and workshops as well as organizing events relating to the topic of start-ups.


Standort Siemensstadt, Siemensstadt location
Rohrdamm 88, 13629 Berlin