About us

More than 11,000 students are currently enrolled at the HWR Berlin. This is good news - and therefore we take the responsibility for our students seriously. Here you can read about the facts and figures behind our success - and the values we represent.

What we stand for

With more than 11,000 students currently enrolled for a degree programme, the HWR Berlin is one of the major universities of applied sciences in the German capital. It is renowned or its practice-oriented teaching, intensive and diverse research, high quality standards, as well as a strong international orientation.


Facts and figures

Get an overview of the most important facts and figures about the HWR Berlin.

Our mission statement

The values we represent and try to convey include open-mindedness, enthusiasm, courage, critical reflection, interaction guided by the principles of dialogue, mutual appreciation and respect, as well as personal development and self-confidence.

Quality management

Teaching and study at the HWR Berlin are subject to regular quality control. The ZaQ – Zentrum für akademische Qualitätssicherung und ‐entwicklung is in charge of quality management at the HWR Berlin.

Cultural diversity

Working towards equal opportunities for all students in the German educational system and supporting intercultural acceptance are defined goals of our diversity approach.



Here you can find an overview of the contacts of our teaching and administration staff.