Prof. Dr. André Tomfort

Department of Business and Economics

Professor of Financial Analysis and Management

Prof. Dr. André Tomfort

+49 30 30877-1147

Postal address
Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin
Badensche Straße 52

10825 Berlin

Visiting address
Campus Schöneberg
Building B, Room B 5.52
Badensche Straße 50-51
10825 Berlin

André Tomfort studied Economics and Journalism at the Universities of Hamburg and


In 1994 he completed his PhD in Monetary Economics, with a thesis investigating the possibilities of introducing a flexible Lombard rate.

Thereafter he worked as a Senior Economist in International Capital Markets at Credit Suisse, followed by a managerial position at Julius Baer in Fixed Income Research & Management and Global Macro-Strategy.

From 2000 to the end of 2003 Mr. Tomfort worked as the Head of Research and Asset Management at Rothschild Bank in Zürich.

Financial Economics

Management of International Asset Portfolios

Corporate Finance

Theory of Capital Market Finance

Behavioural Finance

Financial Economics (analysis of the interaction between macroeconomic processes and financial markets)

Management of international asset portfolios

Financial services

Risk management

Monetary theory and monetary foreign trade

Financing and investment

IPOs of biotech companies -the example of …

Recent forms of mezzanine financing – the product Preps TM

Hedge funds as an investment instrument in the portfolios of private clients

The securitisation of mortgages from banks – description of the securitisation process of German banks, using the example of the Berliner Volksbank

Integration of Financial Markets

Price and Expectation Building in Financial Markets

Inflation Expectations and their Impact on inflationary Processes

Expansionary Monetary Policy and its Impact on Financial Market Stability

The Development of Valuation Tools/Models to assess potential Price Bubbles in Asset Markets

Management of investment funds

Analysis and valuation of companies

Analyses of developments in financial markets for public and private institutions

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INSEEC Business and Communications Schools, Paris, France

EU Commission – EASME-SME Expert Team