Prof. Dr. Marianne Egger de Campo

Department of Public Administration

Professor of General Sociology, Sociology of Organization, Empirical Social Research

Postal address
Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin
Alt-Friedrichsfelde 60

10315 Berlin

Visiting address
Campus Lichtenberg
Building 1, Room 1.1056
Alt-Friedrichsfelde 60
10315 Berlin

Prof. Dr. Egger de Campo born in Austria, holds a doctorate in Sociology from Karl Franzens University Graz.  Assistant professor at the Department of Sociology of Karl Franzens University Graz (1992-98), Erwin-Schroedinger-visiting fellow at University of California, Santa Barbara (1997-99).

From 1999-2007 she was in charge of Compass Social Research in Graz, Austria. Among other EU funded research activities she was the coordinator of the FP5 research project CARMA – Care for the Aged at Risk of Marginalization (QLK6-CT-2002-02341). Prof. Dr. Egger de Campo was professor for sociology at the University of Applied Sciences in Ravensburg/Weingarten (Baden-Württemberg) from March 2007 until Sept 2009.

Research focus: sociology of organisations, sociology of ageing, political sociology, sociology of the internet, sociology of emotions, and interdisciplinary sonification of data (i.e. perceptualisation of data by sound).

In 2009 she co-authored the German edition of the textbook Sociology with Anthony Giddens and Christian Fleck.

In 2015 she published the German translation of Lewis A. Cosers “Greedy Institutions”.