Prof. Dr. Gabriele Rosentreter

Department of Cooperative Studies

Professor of Business Law

+49 30 30877-2429

+49 30 30877-2019

Postal address
Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin
Alt-Friedrichsfelde 60

10315 Berlin

Visiting address
Campus Lichtenberg
Building 5, Room 5.2020
Alt-Friedrichsfelde 60
10315 Berlin

Studied Law at the University of Leipzig

Research associate at the Deutsche Seereederei GmbH, Rostock (a shipping company)

Doctorate under Prof. Dr. R. Dubischar in Bremen in commercial law and company law

Lawyer and partner with Ahlers & Vogel, a law firm with offices in Bremen, Hamburg and Rostock; specialist areas - commercial and company law

Lawyer and partner in the law firm Haucke, Schlechter, Rosentreter in Berlin, specialising in business law, contract law and building law

Teaching contracts at the FHTW (now the Berlin School of Economics and Law – BSEL) and lecturing work with providers of continuing education/training

Commercial and company law

Employment law

Law of civil procedure

Insolvency law

Advising and representing private individuals and companies in the fields of commercial law, company law, contract law, employment law and private building law

Comprehensive litigation experience extending over several years

Koch-Rust, Victoria ; Rosentreter, Gabriele: Duale Studiengänge- Status der Studierenden und Vertragsgestaltung, Teil 1 und 2, Betriebsberater 17/2009 und 18/2009, Seite M 12

Koch-Rust, Victoria; Rosentreter, Gabriele: Rechtliche Gestaltung der Praxisphasen bei dualen Studiengängen, NJW 2009, Seite 3005 ff.

Koch-Rust, Victoria, Rosentreter, Gabriele: Wiedereinführung der Sozialversicherungspflicht für Studierende in praxisintegrierten dualen Studiengängen?, NJW 2011, Seite 2852ff.

Deutscher Juristinnenbund (German Federation of Female Lawyers)

Law society, Berlin