Prof. Dr. Andreas Schmietendorf

Department of Cooperative Studies

Professor of Business Information Technology

+49 30 30877-2431

+49 30 30877-2019

Postal address
Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin
Alt-Friedrichsfelde 60

10315 Berlin

Visiting address
Campus Lichtenberg
Building 1, Room 1.1083
Alt-Friedrichsfelde 60
10315 Berlin

1985-1990: Studied at the University of Engineering in Berlin-Lichtenberg, graduating as an engineer for telecommunications equipment and installations

1990-1992: Studied at the TFH Berlin (now Beuth Technical University), graduating with a Diploma in Engineering (technical IT)

1993: Studied at the Academy for Managers of the (former) German Postal and Telecommunications Service, with the end-of-course certificate covering the following subject areas: Economics / Business Administration, HR management, Marketing, Law

1992-1994: Studied at the FHTW Berlin (now HTW Berlin), graduating with a Diploma in Engineering (telecommunications technology)

1994-1996: Studied at the HTW Dresden, graduating with a Diploma in IT

1996-1999: Studied at the Otto von Guerike University, Magdeburg, graduating with a Diploma in IT (specialising in distributed systems)

1999-2001: Doctorate in engineering under the professor for software technology at the Institute for Distributed Systems of the Otto von Guerike University, Magdeburg

Until 2004: Employed for more than 12 years in information processing at Deutsche Telekom; last post held – head of the Department for Integrated Services (T-systems)

2004-2005: Professor at the University of Harz-Wernigerode in the Faculty for Automation and IT (subject area - database systems)

Since middle of 2005: Professor at the FHW Berlin / Berlin School of Economics and Law (BSEL) in Faculty II in the subject area of Business IT (specialising in systems development)

Systems development / software development

Object-oriented, component-oriented and service-oriented software development

Project management within the context of information processing

Programming of client/server applications

Tasks involved in data management and process management

Implementation of integration architecture (EAI – Enterprise Application Integration and SOA – Service Oriented Architecture)

Quality assurance of software development on the basis of software metrics

Project programme management in information processing

Performance engineering in systems and software development

1993-1996: Project adviser on systems technology and adviser on UNIX system architecture at the German Postal and Telecommunications Service (Head Office) – approx. 40 projects

1996-2000: Consultant / Senior consultant (development and project management) for systems and software development at the development centre in Berlin of Deutsche Telekom (T-Nova) – approx. 20 projects

2000-2004: Head of department and chief architect at the development centre Berlin with specific responsibility for integration solutions at T-Nova / T-Systems – approx. 60 projects)

Since 2005: sideline work as an engineering consultant for T-Systems (IT-service management, management of software development projects, implementation of service-oriented architectures)

Schmietendorf, A.; Dumke, R.; Reitz, D.: SLA Management - Challenges in the Context of Web-Service-Based Infrastructures, in Proc. IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS 2004), S.606-613, San Diego, CA/USA, July 2004

Schmietendorf, A.; Venkov, R.; Dumke, R.; Stojanov, S.: Softwareentwicklung mit einem osteuropäischen Partner, in HMD 242 - Virtuelle Organisationen, S. 93-102, dpunkt-Verlag, Heidelberg, 2005

Schmietendorf, A.; Dumke, R.: Assessments of development organizations through the use of a project related benchmark, in Proc. 3rd World Congress for Software Quality - Vol. I, p. 255-266, Erlangen/Deutschland, 2005

Kunz, M.; Braungarten, R.; Dumke, R.; Schmietendorf, A.: Towards a Service-Oriented Measurement Infrastructure , in Proc. Software Measurement European Forum, Rom/Italy, May 2006

Rud, D.; Schmietendorf, A.; Dumke, R.: Performance modeling of WS-BPEL-based web service compositions. in Proc. „Modeling, Design and Analysis for Service-Oriented Architecture Workshop 2006“ (mda4soa'06), September 18, 2006, Chicago, USA.

Schmietendorf, A.; Dimitrov, E.: Experience With Offshore Projects Within the Software Development Process, in Proc. „Conference on Quality Engineering in Software Technology" (CONQUEST), September 28, 2006, Berlin, Germany

Visiting lecturer at the Otto von Guerike University, Magdeburg (lectures and supervision of diploma theses and doctoral theses)

Contacts and joint work on research tasks (e.g. supervision of a doctoral student) together with the ETS (University of Technology) in Montreal, Canada

Contacts and joint work on research tasks with the University of Plovdiv in Bulgaria

Involvement with national and international programme committees (e.g. IWSM, MENSURA, Metrikon, MMB, IIR-PerfMan)

Member of DASMA (a German-speaking user group for measuring software and estimating time and costs)

Member of the advisory committee to the board of CECMB (Central Europe Computer Measurement Group)

Member of GI (an IT association) and involved in two specialist groups – “software measurement and evaluation” and “measuring, modelling and evaluating computer systems”