The degree programmes of the HWR Berlin are regularly evaluated and accredited in accordance with recognised quality standards.

National accreditation

All Bachelor's and Master's programmes of the HWR Berlin are assessed and accredited at regular intervals according to recognised quality standards - as is required by the Berlin Higher Education Act. Up to 2017 independent agencies decided upon accreditation. Since 2018 that responsibility sits with the Accreditation Council. General information on national accreditation procedures in Germany can be found on the website of the Accreditation Council.
The website Hochschulkompass, which only records accredited degree programmes at state or state-recognised universities, lists the courses offered by the HWR Berlin.

The CaQ – the Centre for Academic Quality Assurance and Development at the HWR Berlin – is responsible for monitoring degree programme accreditations at the HWR Berlin. The CaQ advises Academic Directors on accreditation criteria and procedures and coordinates and coordinates the corresponding procedures. It further develops the quality management system of the university on the basis of the criteria of a system accreditation.

International Accreditation

The HWR Berlin also complies with international quality standards and proves this in various areas through international accreditations and quality seals.


Since 2015, the HWR Berlin has had EPAS accreditation for the International Business Management (B.A.) degree programme at the Department of Business and Economics. The EPAS seal is awarded for a consistent international outlook and indicates high quality of the management processes of the degree programme.

Association of MBAs (AMBA)

The MBA portfolio has been AMBA accredited since 2012. AMBA accreditation stands for high quality standards and innovation in postgraduate management advanced training.

Network of International Business Schools (NIBS)

The HWR Berlin has been accredited by the Network of International Business Schools since 2011. NIBS accreditation pertains to the internationality of a university's business education in all relevant areas of the organisation.