Degree programme evaluation

The degree programme evaluation is used to ensure the quality of studies and teaching beyond the individual lecture.

Degree programmes are much more than just the sum of their lectures. The HWR Berlin conducts online surveys and group discussions on a regular basis in order to obtain assessments and evaluations from a student’s perspective.

Degree survey   

Students at the HWR Berlin who are in the final stage of their studies are invited to complete the degree survey. The survey includes a retrospective look at all of your studies in terms of the organisation of courses, service offerings, teaching, examinations and acquired skills, and is rounded off with questions about your future career prospects.

The experiences and opinions of students regarding their studies play a key role in terms of quality assurance. The CaQ - Centre for Academic Quality Assurance and Development conducted its first University-wide degree survey in 2018.

The questionnaire was developed together with the Departments and the institute, and in close consultation with the central institutions and students.
The degree survey is available exclusively online on HWR Berlin servers.

Data Protection

The HWR Berlin survey for final-year students is anonymous. The data collected is neither published nor evaluated in a form that allows identification of the individuals taking part.

The HWR Berlin survey for final-year students follows the guidelines established by the Statutes on Data Protection ratified in 15 February 2011 and is held with the agreement of the Data Protection Officers.

This project is funded from 1.1.2016 until 31.12.2020 by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research under number 01PL16035  as part of the Quality Pact for Teaching (Qualitätspakt Lehre).

Quality assurance dialogue

The quality assurance dialogue is a moderated group discussion between students on a specific degree programme. The aim is to exchange personal experiences, impressions and opinions within the group and discuss and develop suggestions for improvement. Topics covered in the quality dialogue include study conditions and study structure, quality of teaching, examinations and administration.

This project is financed between 01/10/2016 and 31/12/2020 with funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, funding code 01PL16035, as part of the Teaching Quality Pact.