Lecture evaluation

The lecture evaluation enables teaching staff to gain feedback from students about their teaching. The performance reports provide a good basis for communication between teaching staff and students, contributing as well to the further development of teaching at the HWR Berlin in a targeted and collective manner.

It was back in 1998 that the HWR Berlin started evaluating all of the lectures on a regular basis and providing teaching staff with structured student feedback about their teaching. The “paper and pencil” surveys managed to achieve excellent response rates up until 2017, as the questionnaires were completed by students in the respective lecture. Since 2018, there is now an innovative solution which has been discovered and implemented, combining the benefits of online surveys with the strengths of “on-site” surveys. This adaptation brought about the introduction of a modern and extremely flexible process offering excellent benefits.

Students can find the link within the “Online Presence” lecture evaluation to a standardised questionnaire in the HWR Berlin Moodle system. It is then completed by students during the lecture using any device with access to the Internet.

The results are then sent immediately to the teaching staff. In doing so, the HWR Berlin is looking to foster evaluation dialogue between students and teaching staff. Following the completion of a pilot project lasting for a single semester, teaching staff and students stated they were very satisfied with the “Online Presence” format.

The overall results of the lecture evaluation are published internally in the HWR Berlin libraries. The specific location is shared with the Library Information team.

Alongside this questionnaire-based method, the HWR Berlin also offers the option of an open and face-to-face lecture TAP (Teaching Analysis Poll) undertaken by the  University Didactics team.