Strategy Papers of HWR Berlin

The demands of politics and society on universities continue to swell. HWR Berlin is enhancing its efficiency and takes responsibility for its management and development using strategic planning and clear objectives.

With concrete measures in the four strategic areas of diversity, digitisation, internationalisation and sustainability, the Berlin School of Economics and Law defines strategic objectives for its future development. You can download the full set of strategy papers here.

Diversity − we all have a role to play

The people who work, study, teach and conduct research at HWR Berlin are many and varied, and bring in different experiences and perspectives, skills, talents and competences. HWR Berlin promotes this diversity unequivocally and befittingly. In doing so, the university pursues three objectives:

  1. Anti-discrimination
  2. Appreciation of diversity
  3. Using potentials

Download: Strategy paper »How to embrace our diversity«

Digitisation − teaching, learning and researching online

The highly dynamic nature of digitisation make a strategic orientation of HWR Berlin indispensable in order to make the best possible use of any opportunities that open up. A strategic approach ensures that all members and work areas of the university can fully utilise the potential of digitised teaching, research and administration.

Download: Strategy paper »Shaping digitisation strategically«

Internationalisation − networked across the world

International exchange contributes significantly to ensuring and enhancing the quality of teaching and research at HWR Berlin. Understanding other cultures and values aids in establishing global peace: The meetings help to reduce prejudices and promote empathy and tolerance.

Download: Strategy paper »Internationalisation«

Sustainability − Responsibility for the future

HWR Berlin plays a pioneering role when it comes to sustainability. Its degree programmes equip students with the skills they need to think and act responsibly and with an eye to the future. Studies, teaching and research contribute to making global development socially, ecologically and economically sustainable. 

Download: Strategy paper »The will, the ability, and the action - for sustainability«