Department 2: Cooperative Studies Business • Technology

As the largest provider of cooperative degree programmes in the German capital, the Department of Cooperative Studies offers over 2,000 places to study in 18 different disciplines.

Cooperative Studies means gaining practical work experience during your studies – theoretical study phases and practical experience go hand in hand. Students can choose from 18 different disciplines at the Department of Cooperative Studies. There are more than 2,000 places on offer, which rank among the most attractive study opportunities in Berlin and are awarded in cooperation with around 700 companies. This makes the HWR Berlin the largest provider of cooperative degree programmes in Berlin and one of the largest in Germany.    

Theory and practice go hand in hand

The Department of Cooperative Studies offers Bachelor’s degree programmes that include practical experience in the fields of business and technology. This innovative study model is characterized by the successful combination of theory and practice. The HWR Berlin has more than 25 years of experience in the field of cooperative studies.

The advantages of cooperative studies at the HWR Berlin: short duration of study, three-month study phases alternating with three-month practical phases, small learning groups, financial independence during your studies - and, last but not least, the best job opportunities.