Becoming a partner

The HWR Berlin works with more than 700 partner companies in running its cooperative studies degree programmes. Find out why it could benefit your company to join this number.

With 25 years of experience as a provider of cooperative studies degree programmes in which over 2,000 students are currently enrolled, the Department of Cooperative Studies at the HWR Berlin is the largest provider of cooperative studies degree programmes in Berlin and the entire North-East of Germany.

Working together with over 700 partners from industry, administration, associations and institutions, we currently run c. twenty practice-integrating cooperative studies degree programmes in the areas of Business and Technology. We also currently offer two cooperative studies Master’s degree programmes.

The advantages of becoming a HWR partner company

  • A partnership with proven experts: The Department of Cooperative Studies has more than 25 years of experience as a provider or cooperative studies degree programmes. The combination of many years of experience and our high quality standards convinces both students and partners alike.
  • Qualified applicants: As a partner company, you have full control over the students with which you would like to work and can take steps to ensure a continuing supply of new recruits.
  • Active input into the design of the degree programmes: Our partner companies are involved in the programme design process on two levels. You make the definitive contribution to designing the practical phases of your students; membership of our committees provides considerable scope to influence the strategic development of the departments.
  • New recruits for your company - tailored to your needs: Graduates of our cooperative studies degree programmes develop a close understanding of their future branch and can start directly in a new position without the need for a comprehensive introduction.

Cooperative partners assume responsibility

The cooperative studies degree programmes run at the HWR Berlin provide our partner companies with the opportunity to participate in the training of highly-qualified industry employees. Our partner companies assume responsibility for industrial training, select the cooperative studies students and are involved in the development of our degree programmes.

Find out more about our partner companies:

Our more than 700 partner companies from A-Z

Would your company like to become a HWR partner?

Contact us to find out more about working with the Department of Cooperative Studies at the HWR Berlin. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Simply write an e-mail to the course director of the degree programme in which you are interested.
  • The relevant contact information is listed on the internet page of the respective degree programme.
  • Your company would best fit our criteria for collaboration if the practical phases which you would host match the personnel and content requirements of our study plans.

After verifying the suitability of your company and given the capacities of our degree programmes, we would be happy to accept your company as a HWR Berlin partner.

Further information for partner companies:

The cooperative studies model

Integrating the theory and practice of each discipline, the cooperative studies Bachelor’s degree programmes offered by the HWR Berlin have a standard period of study of three years. Each semester is divided into a twelve-week theoretical phase and a practical phase of similar duration. The learning components imparted in both contexts are matched to each other.

Our companies select from the pool of applicants and conclude a contract with them.

Those interested in studying at the HWR Berlin select a partner company from our database to which they apply directly. The partner companies selects the applicants with whom they wish to conclude a contract.

Students are paid in accordance with industry pay scales

As a public university, the HWR Berlin does not charge tuition fees or fees for company membership of the scheme. Students studying on our cooperative studies degree programmes receive pay in accordance with industry pay scales for the entire duration of the three-year standard period of study.

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