Cooperative Studies in Profile

The study model at the Department of Cooperative Studies is characterized by practical experience incorporated into the studies, the coupling of theory and practice, and high quality standards.

The Department of Cooperative Studies at the HWR Berlin offers over 2,000 places to study in 15 different disciplines.

Bachelor's degree programme

The Bachelor's degree programme lasts three years (standard study period) and begins on 1 October. After successful completion of the course, a Bachelor’s degree is awarded as a first degree qualifying for a profession.

The cooperative Bachelor's degree programme is subdivided into the fields of business and technology.

Within the field of Business, the degree programme in Business Administration is offered in combination with the following fields of study:

  • Banking
  • Service Management+ International Programme
  • Trade
  • Real Estate
  • Industry + International Programme
  • Freight and logistics+ International Programme
  • Tax and auditing
  • Tourism+ International Programme
  • Insurance

As well as the degree programme

  • Business Information Systems

The field of Technology comprises the following degree programmes:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Design and Manufacturing
  • Technical Facility Management

Two locations for learning: the university and the partner companies

Places at the Department of Cooperative Studies are offered in cooperation with 700 companies and institutions, particularly those from the Berlin-Brandenburg region. The two learning locations – the university and the partner companies – are closely intertwined through content, time organisation and through their structures, and participate in continuous exchange. Our partner companies select the students themselves, often in a multi-stage application process. Successful applicants draw up a study contract with the partner company, as specified by HWR Berlin. They receive remuneration each month for the entire duration of their studies.

Master's degree programme

At the master's level, the HWR Berlin offers the following advanced, dual master's degree programs at the Berlin Professional School continuing education institute:

  • Digital Transformation (M.Sc.)
  • General Management (M.A.)

This part-time degree programme is aimed at professionals.