Combining Theory and Praxis: the Dual Concept

HWR Berlin’s Dual Concept envisages “the company as a learning environment” and sees it as an integral part of study. The advantage of dual degree programmes: Students and cooperating companies benefit equally.

The guiding principle of the dual degree programmes at HWR Berlin is the coupling of academic knowledge and practical work experience, as well as the high professional competence of its graduates. In addition to their place of study, a student on dual degree programme will have a contract with one of the approximately 700 partners of HWR Berlin. The theory semesters are not supplemented by internships, but rather include integrated practical periods in companies. These are integral to the entire study programme. Attainments achieved in the practical phase are integral to the study programme, and contribute to the fact that all Bachelor’s degree programmes at the Department of Cooperative Studies are accredited as intensive study programmes and are rated with 210 ECTS points.

Interplay of work experience and university semesters

Students on a dual Bachelor's degree programme change their learning locations every three months: At the university they complete a demanding study programme and acquire fundamental specialist knowledge; while at companies they obtain practical professional experience.  Universities, businesses and students are all headed in the same direction, namely to achieve optimal, academic and practice-oriented qualifications for the start of professional careers. Our graduates are therefore particularly attractive in the job market. 

In recent years, it had become increasingly expected that students prepare themselves for later professional life during their studies. Various degree programmes take this development into account - praxis-oriented study is only gaining in importance.

Thanks to the concept of dual studies, universities and industry begun engineering a  special form of partnership and cooperation: Dual students optimise the prerequisites demanded of professional development by completing practical periods in companies. These are integrated into their studies right from the start. The goal: Graduates should not only have sound specialist knowledge, but also have immersed themselves in professional praxis right from the beginning of their studies. In this way, they acquire valuable experience that makes them extremely attractive on the job market. They learn to develop their transferability, to recognise operational realities, to grasp problems faster, and to solve issues practically. And last but not least, social skills are taught as part of practical work in companies.    

Dual degree programmes are geared towards the current needs of the economy. Successful graduates have excellent job prospects. This is what awaits you as a student of a dual degree programme at HWR Berlin:

  • short duration of study: six semesters in three years.
  • alternating periods of study and experience: three-month study periods with practical phases of equal duration. This makes your studies interesting and varied.
  • study in small groups: no more than 35 students on a single course.
  • financial independence: All students receive monthly remuneration from partner companies for the entire duration of their studies.
  • outstanding job prospects: Most graduates leave university with employment contracts already "in their pockets".

The dual partners of HWR Berlin benefit from the concept of dual studies on several levels:

  • guarantee of graduate suitability in practical fields: Dual degree programmes fulfil the economy’s demand for stronger practical relevance in course contents. Students have an opportunity to get to become familiar with companies as future fields of work. This means that after graduation they are ready for the practical realities of work.
  • needs-oriented trained talent: Dual partners select students themselves and are involved in the supervision and qualifying needs of this talent through the entire period of study.
  • close partnership andactive participation in the design of studies: The dual studies model of Faculty 2 of HWR Berlin is based on the principle of cooperative partnership between the university and companies. The curricula and learning objectives are coordinated in dual committees. There too is content exchange made possible, as well as cooperation and research projects initiated.

As head of a company, are you interested in working as a partner with HWR Berlin and its Department of Cooperative Studies as part of the dual concept? If so, please contact the relevant office.

Dual Master's degree programme at HWR Berlin

The dual Master's degree programme is becoming increasing popular among student and cooperating companies. HWR Berlin offers the dual Master's degree programmes "Digital Transformation" and "General Management", which are designed as part-time degree programmes. Students can apply and test their acquired knowledge in transfer projects requiring concrete demands within companies.