Public Administration in Profile

The Department of Public Administration is characterised by the close interaction of the fields of Administration, Law and Management in the public sector.

In all degree programmes at the Department of Public Administration students are trained in a praxis-orientated manner using modern teaching and learning methods. Lecturers impart basic technical knowledge and methodological know-how for numerous professional fields in public administration, public enterprises, non-profit organisations and in the private service sector.
Students learn to things in administrative and legal contexts, to design administrative processes, as well as to grasp and assess legal issues.

Up-to-date learning and international orientation

Thanks to modern teaching and learning methods, such as Blended Learning (integrated learning), face-to-face courses alternate with forms of e-learning. Students are also supported in developing their communicative and social competences. The integration of gender concerns, as well as European and international perspectives, are integral to all degree programmes at the department.