Department 4: Legal Studies

At the Department of Legal Studies, students are trained in legal fundamentals, in specialist areas for higher grades of the judicial service, as well as for private enterprise.

The Department of Legal Studies trains lawyers with the special knowledge required for the higher levels of the judicial service (judicial administrators) within Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt, as well as for companies and for other areas of free enterprise.

The course content, which has a traditional legal orientation, qualifies students for the higher judicial service in the states of Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt. In addition, special legal and business knowledge is imparted for activities in free enterprise and public administration. This ideal preparation for professional carriers is based on a study of the fundamentals of law and economics as well as proven special competences in all degree programmes. These are not usually covered in classic law degree programmes.    

The study of the Administration of Justice is unique; as its lecturers are actively involved in the law’s development. It is not only that legally relevant aspects are taught, but that academic examination of law is also supported.

Dhana Zahn

Degree programmes