HWR Berlin Language Centre

The project Language Centre started in September 2017. The goal of the project is to develop the language courses on offer at HWR Berlin, ensure high quality language teaching and finally, to establish a Language Centre at HWR Berlin by the end of 2020.

Some language-related services at HWR Berlin:

  • The language centre offers a language tandem programme on the Moodle platform.
  • A wide range of topics, such as writing consultations or writing of academic English can be found in General Studies.
  • Refugees can access the JUST - Just Join Us and Study programme, offering German classes.
  • You can find the language courses on offer in your department through Campus4U (Campus Schöneberg) or through FINCA (Campus Lichtenberg)
  • As long as there are available places, the following language courses for students of International Business Management are also available to other students: Business German, Business French, Business Spanish and Chinese for Beginners. Please contact the Office for Business Languages for further information.

We are pleased to present our Moodle-based language tandem programme. The aim of the programme is to match language partners, who wish to teach each other their native language in an informal way. You will find a tandem partner search forum on the Moodle platform, in which you can indicate your desired target language(s) and search for a native speaker interested in a language exchange. Furthermore, you will find materials for language learning and for your tandem meetings.

In cooperation with the HWR Berlin’s International Office, the ZEMS of TU Berlin and Beuth Hochschule, the Language Centre offers intensive German courses for visiting students before the beginning of every semester.

The International Office offers an English test for HWR Berlin students who are applying for a semester abroad. This test is mandatory for all students planning to study in English at a partner university. Students who can prove their current language proficiency with another valid certificate (not older than two years, list of accepted tests) as well as students who are currently enrolled in an English-taught degree programme do not have to participate in this test. The international office will invite students to take the test shortly after they have handed in their application for a semester abroad.

As a member of the Baltic Sea Region University Network (BSRUN), on June 14, 2018, HWR Berlin hosted an international seminar on "Foreign Language Education and Language Centre Management". The seminar was attended by leaders and researchers from language centres as well as language education researchers.