Training and advice

The library offers video tutorials and training courses on library use, literature research and reference management.

Video tutorials

Tutorial "Welcome to the library"

Create or change the password for the library

More Trainings and Tutorials

Online Courses

Do you want to know more about the library in general? Do you want to find out how to use HoWeR and our databases? Are you writing a paper and want to use the materials provided by the library?

In our online courses will show you different aspects of working with our library materials, both online and on-site.

Most of our courses are held in German, but there is an introductory course in English once a month.

To see all online courses provided by the library please visit our Moodle-course “Bibliothek benutzen”. To see when the English introduction takes place, please visit our moodle-course “Bibliothek – Schulungen im Rahmen der Erstsemestereinführung”.

Research consultation

The library offers an online one-on-one research consultation hour every Tuesday and Thursday from 3 pm to 4 pm via the service big blue button.

The consultation units are 20 minutes long and can be reserved in advance via our moodle course. We will talk about research strategies, research tools and optimizing your search terms, concerning your current project.

If you cannot attend these fixed hours, please contact for an individual session.

Research advice at both locations

You need support in literature search?
Please send an e-mail to the library team of your respective location:

Campus Lichtenberg: hsb.cs(at)
Campus Schöneberg: hsb.cs(at)

Please provide us with as much information as possible in advance:

  • subject and / or keywords
  • context in which the research is required
  • (assignment, Bachelor's thesis, Master’s thesis etc.)
  • where applicable: any search paths you have already taken
  • your contact details

We would be pleased to discuss your search strategy with you.