Safe and secure at the HWR Berlin

The HWR Berlin campuses are safe and secure. There is a 24-hours security service.

In case of safety and security related incidents, HWR Berlin personnel will follow the procedures laid out in the HWR Berlin emergency and crisis handbook. In addition: the safety and security measures and procedures of HWR Berlin are well coordinated with the Berlin Police Department and the city’s emergency services. HWR Berlin follows an integrated approach to safety and security on its campuses.

Nevertheless, critical situations cannot be ruled out. The HWR Berlin provides information on how to act in case of dangerous or threatening situations and accidents that might occur on or off a HWR Berlin campus.

Emergency Calls

In urgent situations when people’s lives or health are at risk or when property or the environment is threatened, make an emergency call. Do not wait for others to do so!

  • Police Service: 110
  • Fire Service: 112
  • Rescue Service / Ambulance: 112

First aid

Make a quick assessment of the situation. Either call an ambulance (112) or inform a first aider that help is needed. Lists of first aiders are on display in HWR Berlin classrooms and offices.


The main HWR Berlin buildings are equipped with a fire alarm system. Nevertheless, release the alarm manually where possible or make an emergency call – 112 – if you detect a fire. Also, notify the reception or security service.


An insurance plan with “Unfallkasse Berlin” covers accidents and injuries occurring on the HWR Berlin campuses or on the way to and from the HWR Berlin. Report all incidents to the university. HWR staff will help you with your insurance claim and inform you on specialized medical services you may have to consult.

Advice and support in times of personal crisis

Safety and Security Notifications

Safety and Security Notification