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Toolip: International exchange in the digital world

As part of the digitisation project Toolip, in November 2020, students from Coventry University and HWR Berlin held a virtual discussion on the international consequences of the corona pandemic.

30.11.2020 — Anke Droese

Virtual Global Classroom: A student takes part in a virtual workshop at home at her desk in front of the PC. Photo: © FilippoBacci/ E+/ Getty Images
Digital exchange between Coventry University and HWR Berlin: In November 2020, the first "Virtual Global Classroom" took place as part of the international Toolip project. Photo: © FilippoBacci/ E+/ Getty Images

What impact does the Corona virus pandemic have on our students from other European countries? Students of the HWR Berlin have exchanged views on this current topic in a virtual seminar room with students from Coventry University in Great Britain. In November 2020 the first "Virtual Global Classroom" took place within the digital exchange project TOOLIP.

71 Students from more than 15 countries

A total of 71 students from more than 15 countries took part in the half-day online event. Among the participants were students of the Master's programme International Business and Consulting (IBCON) at HWR Berlin and Master's degree students from Coventry University in Great Britain. The digital workshop was organised and led by Prof. Dr. Monika Huesmann, HWR Berlin, and Dr. Kirsten Stevens, Coventry University.

How does Corona affect the economy and everyday life?

The students discussed the corona pandemic, the consequences for the economy in the UK and Germany and the impact of the crisis on their personal everyday life as well as their professional development. One student summarised her findings as follows: "The discussion made us understand that we are all in this together."

In-person continuation at the HWR Berlin in May 2021

In May 2021, the "Virtual Global Classroom" will be complemented by a real-life encounter. Participants will have the opportunity to meet in person at the HWR Berlin and continue their discussions when students from Coventry University take a trip to Berlin.

What is a Virtual Global Classroom?

"Virtual Global Classroom" refers to the virtual exchange and cooperation between students of the HWR Berlin and its international partner universities. Students work in international teams on a collaborative research question and exchange information on various topics.

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