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Fernweh? Go Out!

Studying abroad in Europe or in the rest of the world has become more accessible for HWR Berlin Students than ever before. At the International Days, they were able to find out all about it.

10.11.2023 — Staci Karasch

Students at the International Days in October 2022.

The market stands in the Foyer of Haus B on the 24th and 25th served as a presentation of some of the universities which the students can choose from for their Wintersemester 2024/2025 semester or year abroad. The exchange students represented their home universities at the stands with pictures, trivia, traditional snacks and good conversations.

On the 25th the “Reise um die Welt” -speed networking took part where HWR Berlin Returnees told about their times abroad and what to expect. Also on the 25th the AStA-International Club invited the HWR Berlin Returnees to a returnee event.

On the 26th students could find out about the exciting Double Degree Programme, languages requirements for the application process, and Internships Abroad.
Specifics on how to apply and how the scholarships work was presented in the Aula and online the first two days.

Did you miss it? No problem!

You can find out more in the International Office Sondersprechzeiten (online, telephone and live) and in the Moodle Course “International Office – FB1.” The Deadline is November 14th at 10 A.M. Around the end of January the spaces which are left will be publicized in the “Nachausschreibung” and late-comers will have a chance at those places as well.

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