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HWR Berlin intensifies relations with Soochow University

The two universities agreed to promote faculty exchange in teaching and research and to establish double-degree programmes.


From left to right: Chung-Tzer Lin, Associate Dean School of Business; Prof. Tsu-Tan Fu, Dean of the School of Business; Prof. Harald Gleißner, Deputy President of the HWR Berlin; Prof. Paul Dung, Vice-President International Affairs at Soochow University; Prof. Shih-Ho Wang, Dean of the Japanese Language School; Prof. Fu-Scheng Shih, Director of the International Affairs Center.

The HWR Berlin’s theme for this academic year, “International Spirit @ HWR Berlin”, kicked off directly after the start of the new year on 2 January. Prof. Harald Gleißner, Deputy President for International Affairs and Research at the HWR Berlin, visited Soochow University, our partner university in Taipei, Taiwan. The cooperation with Soochow University has been in place since 2015 and so far has resulted in a regular and well-balanced exchange of students.

The meeting resulted in an agreement to intensify and further develop the cooperation between the two universities. As a result of this meeting Prof. Paul Dung, Soochow University’s Vice President for International Affairs, and Prof. Harald Gleißner signed a letter of intent related to the hosting of double-degree programmes at Bachelor and Master level. In addition, the group agreed to promote faculty exchange in teaching and research, including possible cooperative PhD projects.

The visit to Soochow’s main campus, which is located close to Taipei’s famous National Palace Museum, began with a meeting between Prof. Gleißner and Soochow University’s President, Wei-Ta Pan. Both agreed that forthcoming visits should include meetings on a presidential level. The on-campus visit continued with an introduction to the university’s Chinese Language Center, which features a unique integrated teaching and living concept: Students are taught in small groups and are housed in the language centre’s own accommodation. The language centre is also open to students from the HWR Berlin who are interested in learning Chinese (details are available at the International Office).

Apart from meeting with representatives of the university’s business school, Prof. Gleißner finally had the opportunity to meet with Prof. Gwang-Lin Peng, Chair of the Soochow Department of Music, which is located on the main campus and is a prestigious centre for music education in Taiwan, which among other facilities includes a large concert hall. The HWR Berlin looks forward to the continuation and expansion of this important partnership over the coming year.