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Spotlight on the brewing industry

The annual HWR Berlin Winter School kicked off on 6 January, featuring a brand-new course dedicated to strategy and brand management in the brewing industry.


During the two-week programme, which is the only European short-term course of its kind, students from the HWR Berlin’s international partner universities and other institutions study the latest trends and challenges faced by the industry in one of the world’s most important beer markets. The programme is taught by the President of the HWR Berlin Professor Andreas Zaby, Professor Carsten Baumgarth, Professor Christoph Dörrenbächer and a guest professor from Copenhagen Business School, Jens Gammelgaard.

To support the content studied in class, participants will take part in class excursions and a varied cultural programme offering insights into Berlin’s brewing scene and multi-faceted culture and history. Destinations include the German Brewing Federation, craft beer brewer Stone Brewing and Mash Pit, Berlin’s first co-brewing space. The HWR Berlin is the ideal location to explore this fascinating industry in more detail, as President of the HWR Berlin and lecturer on the course explains “one of HWR Berlin’s buildings was the headquarters of the former Federation of the German Brewing Industry and Germany is a key player in the industry. Besides, Berlin is home to a flourishing craft beer scene.”

This course runs parallel to a second two-week International Business Strategy programme that explores business strategy and the services industry. The number of Winter School participants this year totals 32 with over 12 different nationalities represented. The majority of the participants come from the HWR Berlin’s partner universities in the United States, Australia, India and Mexico.

The HWR Berlin Summer and Winter School is an important additional source of international exchange opportunities for both HWR Berlin students and students at partner universities and other institutions. Short courses such as the HWR Berlin Summer and Winter Schools enable students, who for various reasons are unable to take part in a standard exchange semester, the opportunity to study abroad and develop intercultural competencies.

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