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Self-defense and self-assertion

In the context of November 25, on the »International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls«, the HWR Berlin, organized by the central Women's and Equal Opportunity Officer with the support of the university management, offers workshops on the topics of self-defense and self-assertion. One workshop will be conducted in English to allow all university members to participate.




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Women's and Equal Opportunity Officer (HWR Berlin)



  • Clear communication and body language
  • Recognizing and assessing potentially dangerous situations
  • Setting boundaries
  • Learning to say no
  • Self-assertion and self-confidence in harassment situations
  • Dealing with aggression in public spaces, de-escalation
  • Simple physical techniques for self-defense
  • Overcoming situations of shock
  • Using your own voice

Event location

Schöneberg Campus

Workshop for everyone

A maximum of 16 people can participate in the workshops. This workshop is intended for all members of the HWR Berlin.
The workshop will be held in English.


Claudia Gaca, trained self-defense instructor, owner Chohwa martial arts school (, 3rd DAN Taekwondo, Qigong course instructor, coach, engineer.

Register by e-mail

All interested persons please register by mail to frauenbuero(at)

  • Students please indicate their matriculation number and student e-mail address of the HWR Berlin.
  • Employees of the HWR Berlin are asked to coordinate their participation with their supervisor.

You will receive confirmation of your registration in good time before the event.

Indisposed? Please cancel in time

We ask that all those who have made a binding registration and have also received a confirmation of registration take part or, in the event that they are unable to attend, cancel in good time. So far, there have always been people on the waiting list who would like to take over the vacant place.