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Digicamp II: Innovation for development: Digital community currencies



Price per participant: 320 € (Price includes tuition fee, study materials, certificate, hotel full board (4 nights, 5 days))


Application deadline is 10 January 2023.

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Over the past 20 years, new projects for "digital community currencies" have emerged in different parts of the world. Community currencies, which belong to the broad family of currency systems along with conventional currencies, circulate within a defined geographic region or community (Lietaer, 2001).

What are the motivations for the introduction and the potentials of community currencies? What gains can local currencies generate in terms of trade, and can they represent an effective method to promote the economic development of territories? How do community currencies generate additional opportunities for local residents? What are the technologies used for digital community currencies? These are all questions that the Digicamp tries to address.

The Digicamp will address these strategic issues by building on practitioners’ experience, as well as on significant academic analysis and field-based research. The Digicamp will provide students with a detailed overview of digital community currencies trends. The program will balance theory with practice, culminating in a set of scenario-building exercises to strengthen strategic thinking and highlight the various ways that digital community currencies might affect the economy. Student teams from different fields will interact to create solutions for digital currencies management (wallet, android app, web-based application, etc.) and develop application software for smartphone access, micropayment solutions based on the chosen digital solutions.

Scientific Organizers

  • Dr. Arafet Farroukh | FSEGT University Tunis El Manar
  • Dr. Martina Metzger | HWR Berlin
  • Dr. Jennifer Pedussél Wu | HWR Berlin

Organizer/Cooperation Partner

  • University of Tunis El Manar (UTM)
  • Center for Information, Training, Studies and Documentation on Associations (IFEDA) 
  • Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management of Tunis El Manar (FSEGT)
  • Institute for International Political Economy Berlin (IPE)




Application deadline is 10 January 2023. We strongly encourage you to apply early, as places are limited. To apply, please submit the following info and documents as PDF-files to Digischool(at)

  • A Resume
  • Justification for a need-based scholarship.
    (Partial scholarships are available)

The applications will be reviewed on the rolling basis.


Price per participant: 320 €
Price includes tuition fee, study materials, certificate, hotel full board (4 nights, 5 days)

Additional social event (non-mandatory) 3 days (hotel+ transportation): Tunisian Sahara trip "In the way of Star Wars" (180 €)

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