Prof. Dr. Andreas Polk

About me

Academic and professional career

  • Bundeskartellamt (Federal Cartel Office, Germany), focus on energy policy and the economic foundations of competition policy.
  • Obtained doctorate at the University of Zurich on the topic "The Economics of Lobbying and Special Interest Groups"
  • Assistant to the Chair for Microeconomics, Industrial Organisation, and Environmental Economics at the University of Zurich (Prof. Dr. Schmutzler)
  • Assistant to the Chair for Economic Theory at the University of Heidelberg (Prof. Dr. Faber)
  • Studied Economics at the University of Heidelberg and the University of Duisburg


  • since 2008: Professor of Economics, Berlin School of Economics and Law.
  • since 2011: Member or deputy member of the Academic Senate, Berlin School of Economics and Law.
  • since 2011: Regular member of expert panels for the re-accreditation of higher education institutions in Croatia.


  • Political economy, especially lobbying analysis
  • Applied industrial organization, competition policy and regulation
  • Microeconomics and game theory
  • Lobbyismus in Deutschland aus politökonomischer Sicht
  • The role of umbrella pricing in private litigation (with J. Franck, K. Hüschelrath; ZEW & U Mannheim)
  • Regulation in the water industry (with M. Hellwig, ZEW Mannheim)
  • A comparison of competition policy in Slowenia and Germany (with A. Primec, U Maribor)
  • Polk, Schmutzler, Müller (2014), "Lobbying and the power of multinational firms", European Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 36, 209-227.
  • Bilotkach, Polk (2013), "Market power of airports: A case study for Amsterdam airport Schiphol", Competition and Regulation in Network Industries, Vol. 14(4), 320-337.
  • Polk, Bilotkach (2013), "The Assessment of Market Power of Hub Airports", Transport Policy,  Vol. 29, 29-37.
  • Polk (2012), "Ein Lob des Lobbyismus", Blätter für deutsche und internationale Politik, 11/2012, 36-38.
  • Polk, Schmutzler (2005), "Lobbying against environmental regulation vs. lobbying for loopholes", European Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 21(4), 915-931.

FAZ, Spiegel online, Tagesspiegel, Manager Magazin online, Euro Magazin, Immobilien Airports, Vietnam News, bizhub,, Sr2 Kulturradio (Radiointerview), Kölncampus (Radiointerview)

  • 2016 GLEA, Budapest; VfS (Ausschuss Institutionenökonomik), Witten/Herdecke; MaCCI ZEW Mannheim
  • 2015 CIEM Workshop on Energy Market Regulation, Hanoi
  • 2013 Workshop on Political Economy, Dresden; ATRS, Bergamo; Verein für Socialpolitik, Düsseldorf
  • 2011 MaCCI Conference, ZEW Mannheim
  • 2010 ATRS, Porto; GARS Workshop, Bremen
  • 2000 EARIE, Lausanne.
  • Economics E-Journal, Journal of Air Transport Management, Research in Transportation Economics, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Transport Policy
  • CIEM Workshop Energy Market Regulation Hanoi, 2015
  • GIZ Berlin, 2014
  • Youth-Future-Conference Bonn, 2013
  • Universität Bonn, 2006
  • Europäische Akademie Berlin, 2006
  • Universität Maastricht, 2005


Regular teaching

  • Microeconomics
  • Applied microeconomics
  • Markets, competition and regulation
  • Politics, the state and the non-profit-sector
  • Managerial economics
  • The political economy of special interest groups
    (part of the interdisciplinary teaching unit on lobbying)
  • Pricing techniques
    (part of the interdisciplinary teaching unit on quantitative methods for market analysis)
  • The economic analysis of mergers & acquisitions
    (part of the interdisciplinary teaching unit on M&A)

For a complete list, current and planned lectures, and information on thesis topics please refer to my German page.