HWR Berlin publishes its research findings in a variety of formats.

The university publishes pieces by its researchers in its own series "HWR Berlin Forschung", in cooperation with the publishers Nomos. 

The magazine "Fokus Forschung" is published every two years and details current research projects and research activities.

HWR Berlin regularly updates its research database to report on the results of research activities.

The research series "HWR Berlin Forschung", which has been published by Nomos since 2015, continues to be expanded.

This series, which is devoted to economics, business and the social sciences, catalogues the results of the university's scientific work. Research results from all areas within the university are thereby made accessible to the scientific community at large. Copies can be obtained at bookshops.

“Fokus FORSCHUNG" is HWR Berlin’s scientific magazine. The magazine is published every two years and provides up-to-date insights on the innovative research landscape and on knowledge transfer at the university.