HWR Berlin publishes its research findings in a variety of formats.

The university publishes pieces by its researchers in its own series "HWR Berlin Forschung", in cooperation with the publishers Nomos. 

The magazine "Fokus Forschung" is published every two years and details current research projects and research activities.

HWR Berlin regularly updates its research database to report on the results of research activities.

The research series "HWR Berlin Forschung", which has been published by Nomos since 2015, continues to be expanded.

This series, which is devoted to economics, business and the social sciences, catalogues the results of the university's scientific work. Research results from all areas within the university are thereby made accessible to the scientific community at large. Copies can be obtained at bookshops.

HWR Berlin has a responsibility to the scientific and academic community. This includes the planning, the selection of titles and the content of the series. The Editorial Board, which is appointed by the University Board, essentially performs these functions on behalf of the university. Should disputes arise, the President has final say.

The HWR book series comprises work with which members of HWR Berlin have been significantly involved. These may be monographs, co-authored books, edited volumes or collections of essays. The books may stem from research projects, theses, conferences or the work conducted by institutes. Both German and English titles have been published.

The series editors acknowledge their responsibility for ensuring the high scientific quality of the series. They advise interested parties and assist in planning the series. They procure manuscripts, select titles and oversee content design.

Manuscripts intended for publication may be submitted to the editors at any time. The Editorial Board decides whether a manuscript will be accepted and undergo the review process.
The publisher advises the editors on series planning and title selection. As part of content design, the publisher provides copy-editing for a given title. Manuscripts should be submitted as early as possible to ensure a robust copy-editing process.

The publishers can decline to publish a manuscript if they consider that the publishers or their other authors might incur serious economic harm or reputational damage as a result of publication. In cases of doubt, the publisher should be able to demonstrate the severity of the putative damage.

Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Christoph Dörrenbächer

Prof. Dr. Marianne Egger de Campo

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kühnel

Prof. Dr. Olaf Resch

“Fokus FORSCHUNG" is HWR Berlin’s scientific magazine. The magazine is published every two years and provides up-to-date insights on the innovative research landscape and on knowledge transfer at the university.

Research reports, which were published as stand-alone publications by the university until 2013, provided information on the diverse range of research topics at HWR Berlin. The reports documented HWR Berlin researchers’ projects and supplied data and facts on publishing and contractual activities. They also provided insight into international research and development cooperation partnerships. The HWR Berlin’s research database now fulfils the university’s legal obligation to report its activities. The research database can be found here.