Research Database

HWR Berlin provides a publicly accessible research database where publications, research projects and cooperation partners can be searched for and found.

Differentiated search

Queries can be conducted under three categories, which allows for differentiated searches using different criteria:

The research database performs several functions: As well as ensuring the diversified research competences of HWR Berlin are made known, it also assists in internal networking for researchers at the university. The database therefore further develops the research profile of HWR Berlin. By providing research-orientated data, the research database also serves to initiate collaborations for research-related collaborative projects.

The research database provides quick and reliable answers to the following questions:

  • On what topics have professors from HWR Berlin published?
  • Which areas do they research?
  • Who is responsible for which third-party funded project?
  • Which research initiatives are currently being, or have been, supported with university funds?
  • With whom does HWR Berlin cooperate in its research projects at international, national and regional levels?

The database contains information on

  • all publications published since 2009 by all professors (as well as permanent teaching staff);
  • all research-orientated third-party funded projects since 2009;
  • all research initiatives since 01/04/2009 that have been funded with university funds through reduced teaching hours or research semesters (with the exception of Department 2);
  • all cooperation partners who have been involved in HWR Berlin research projects since 01/04/2009.