EU Research Support Services (EU-Strategie-FH)

HWR Berlin welcomes EU research cooperation and supports research proposals to that end. This occurs as part of the BMBF-funded project EU-Strategie-FH.

Collaborations within the EU Strategy-FH project are implemented within the "Horizon 2020" research framework programme. To this end, the university has created an EU research service centre and provides funding.

The EU Research Service Centre

The EU Research Service Centre offers the following:

  • overview of the H2020 Work Programme 2018-20, identification of topics, and matching with researchers at HWR Berlin
  • information events devoted to the H2020 Work Programme 2018-20
  • individual EU application advice (administrative and technical)
  • information on EU-active researchers at European partner universities
  • information on HWR internal funding and other funding for EU application support

Funding for EU Application Support

Funding for EU application support (temporary positions for research assistants, travel expenses) can be applied for at Central Division Research Support Services.

This information (in German) can only be accessed by university members of HWR Berlin.


Research Support Services
Dr. Michael Ebert
Research advisor

Campus Schöneberg
Building A, Room A 2.06
Badensche Straße 52
10825 Berlin