Business Languages

Proficiency in one or several foreign languages is a key skill for applicants who want to succeed in a global labour market. Why not make use of our Business Languages programme by choosing from a variety of courses?

In addition to the mandatory courses that are taught in English, the HWR Berlin offers a variety of Business Language courses:

  • Business German
  • Business French
  • Business Spanish
  • Chinese for Beginners

Information on course levels and placement tests can be found under „Download".

Due to limited number of spaces in the courses, spaces are allocated according to the following priorities:

  • Students of International Business Management, International Digital Business, International Sustainability Management
  • Incoming Erasmus students / students who have a place at a university abroad (please consult the International Office), giving priority to compulsory courses
  • Students from higher semesters (elective course)
  • Students from lower semesters (elective course)

You are allowed to attend the courses if you

  • take the language proficiency test (unless you are a beginner)
  • regularly attend the courses (4 credit hours per week)
  • take the final exam

Please note: Due to a limited number of spaces, may we kindly ask you to only register for a course if you really want and are actually able to attend. Please do not register pre-emptively for several courses at the same time, as this may prevent your fellow students to attend as well.

How to register for a course

If you are interested in taking a Business Language course, please register during the registration period in S.A.M. – Study Administration Management. After the registration period, spaces will be allocated according to the priority list. Students can consult their S.A.M. account to check whether they have been allocated a space.

Register for a course after the registration period

If you missed the registration period, please send an email to sprachen(at) within the first three days of the semester. If there are any spaces left we will register you for the course.

Change or cancel a course

You can change levels within the first two weeks of the semester. To do so, you must contact the lecturer to see if there are spaces available in the other course. If you cannot attend the original course, please delete your registration within the deletion period. It is not possible to delete your registration afterwards.