Business Administration/Service Management

  • Degree
    Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • Type of study
  • Standard period of study
    6 semesters (with internship)
  • Commencement of studies
    Winter semester (1 Oct)
  • Credits (ECTS)
  • Language of instruction
    German / English
  • Department / Central Institute
    Department of Cooperative Studies

Degree programme

A career in the services industry, one of the largest sectors of the European economy, guarantees excellent professional prospects. In Berlin, services make up almost a third of economic activity. The cooperative studies Bachelor’s degree programme Business Administration/Services Management provides a sought-after qualification for employment in an internationally growing field.

Following a balanced approach integrating both theory and practice, students are prepared to assume a demanding management role in a service company. The thorough grounding in Business Administration, practical skills (in Finance and Accounting, HR and Organization, Marketing and Quality and if required, Health Management) and the range of design, service manage- ment and evaluation skills taught by this programme equips its graduates for senior specialist and management positions in an international context. The teaching of selected aspects of the course in English, extra language teaching and the opportunity to study abroad provide the best-possible preparation for the requirements of the global economy.

Professional field

The Bachelor’s degree programme Business Administration/Service Man- agement prepares its students for a range of tasks in the international service industry. Graduates often work in Marketing and Sales, Controlling, Account- ing, HR, Project Management and Service Operations Management. Those of our graduates seeking to work in the manufacturing sector are well qualified for a material role in support services. The elective »Health Management« opens doors to a management position in the healthcare sector.

Degree structure

Whilst the foundation stage of this programme provides a solid training in the principles and methodology of the service sector, the specialist stage (the fifth and sixth semesters) prepares students for the specific demands of their future employment. Depending on demand, students can also select specific electives tailored to their later career path. The elective »Health Management« prepares students for the specific demands of a role in the healthcare sector.

Study and internships abroad can be completed in the fifth theory semester and during the practical phases.

The programme syllabus seeks to provide students with the specialist skills required for a career in a service company. After studying the classic fields of Business Administration (Business Administration, Project Management, Economics, Law, Statistics etc.) they develop an understanding of specific topics in typical service provision industries which enables them to classify, evaluate and design company activities.

The service-specific modules include:

  • The Principle of the Service Sector
  • Service Marketing
  • Service Design
  • Service Operations
  • Project Management
  • Digitization and eServices

The specialist stage permits a number of course of specialization choices (two of four)

  • Services Marketing and Quality Management I & II
  • Financing and Invoicing I & II
  • Human Resources and Organization Management I & II
  • Health Management I & II

Electives permit further specialization, which deal with issues such as Digital Business and e-services; Consulting; International Management/ Business Simulation; or Ethics in Industry and Society.

The range of methods and social skills taught within the degree pro- gramme enable students to develop goal-oriented Management skills, Social and Communication skills.

Selected modules are taught in English, preparing students for the demands of a global economy

  • University entrance qualification or an entrance qualification for a University of Applied Sciences
  • Study agreement with a partner company
  • Verified English skills at Level B 1 of the Common European Framework of Reference. The required minimum score of of the accepted English certificates are listed here.

Those interested in a dual study program do not apply to the HWR Berlin but directly to the dual partners using the partner database on our website. These partners select their future dual students from the applicants and conclude a study agreement with them.

Apply in time: Many companies select their dual students more than one year before the start of studies.

The cooperation partners of this study programme are listed at the end of this page.

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Fees and grants

  • Tuition fees


  • Semesterfee

    ca. € 300 per semester (incl. local transport semester ticket)

Guidance for prospective students

Department of Cooperative Studies
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Thu 15.00 -17.00

Study counselling by telephone
Thu 14.00 -15.00

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