Business Administration/Tourism

  • Degree
    Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • Type of study
  • Standard period of study
    6 semesters (incl. internship)
  • Commencement of studies
    Winter semester (1 Oct)
  • Credits (ECTS)
  • Language of instruction
  • Department / Central Institute
    Department of Cooperative Studies

Degree programme

Are you ready for the wide world of Tourism? The variety and range of opportunities presented by a career in Tourism is reflected in the range of teaching provided in this cooperative studies degree programme. Students of the degree programme Business Administration/Tourism switch between theoretical training and practical phases, whilst concentrating on selected branches in the Tourism sector. Dealing with a range of issues pertinent to both Busi- ness Administration and Tourism, they apply their knowledge and skills in specific tourist projects; they usually use their practical training phases as a springboard for a future career.

The cooperative structure of the course is matched by a pronounced focus on internationality; students profit from the in-depth Business Admin- istration and Services Management-oriented foreign language training which they receive. All modules of the degree programme teach a foundational understanding of Business Administration issues with a tourism-specific orientation. This is supplemented by practice-based case studies and projects; excursions to selected companies; the targeted application of English language skills; foundation skills in selected computer systems; and the acquisition of a range of further key skills.

Professional field

The position of Germany at the heart of Europe makes it a key tourist destina- tion, which is set to increase. Berlin assumes a key position within Germany’s tourist industry.

This cooperative studies degree programme qualifies its graduates to assume commercial and managerial duties in a range of areas including: Hotel- iery; Travel Agents; State Marketing Agencies; Health and Beauty providers, spa experience providers; Air Passenger Travel; cruise lines; and Leisure and Event Management.

Degree structure

In addition to the main topics of Business Administration (Business Administration, Economics and Accounting, Law etc.), the degree programme teaches subject-specific skills in all areas of the tourism  sector: Hotel Management (inc. Accommodation and Leisure Management; Food and Beverage  Management);  Tour Operator and Travel Agency Management; Business Travel Management (inc. Tourism Management, the principles of Competition Law and Cash Management); Destination Management; and Public Tourism/Health and Beauty (inc. Tourism Policy and projects in the Spa Industry).

Study and internships  abroad can be completed  in the fifth semester and during the practical phases.

The cooperative studies degree programme Business Administration/Tourism provides a well-grounded training in these fields. Focussing on both international and German Tourism companies, the degree programme covers the processes of globalization, sustainability and digitalization.

National and International Hotel Management teaches Accommoda- tion and Leisure Management; Food and Beverage Management; Marketing Management; Marketing Management; Human Resources Management; Hotel Accounting; Yield Management; Hotel Project Management and Feasibility. The teaching in this area also covers selected aspects of Leisure and Event Management.

National and International Destination Management deals with the tasks, legal forms and organizational structures of Tourism organizations as well as promoting the sustainable development of destinations. Teaching in this area also considers aspects of Health Tourism, including Spas and Wellness.

Travel Agency/Business Travel Management considers the market and competition situation in the travel sector; Tourism Marketing and Procure- ment; the principles of Competition Law; Price Policies for Travel Agents; Cash Management; Tax Law and Strategic Planning.

  • University entrance qualification or an entrance qualification for a University of Applied Sciences
  • A contract (on a form) with a suitable apprenticeship institution/ company

The application is to be submitted to the partner company.

Application period:
Up to a year before commencement of study

    Programmakkreditiert durch den Akkreditierungsrat

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    • Semesterfee

      ca. € 300 per semester (incl. local transport semester ticket)

    Division Director

    Department of Cooperative Studies
    Prof. Dr. Regina M. Baumgärtner
    Professor of Tourism Business Administration and Marketing

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