Law (Ius)

  • Degree
    Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)
  • Type of study
    Full-time study
  • Standard period of study
    6 semesters
  • Commencement of studies
    Winter semester (1 Oct)
  • Credits (ECTS)
  • Language of instruction
  • Department / Central Institute
    Department of Public Administration

Degree programme

The three-year degree programme Law (LL.B.) is the only general LL.B. degree programme taught at HWR Berlin.
With a focus on the Legal Sciences, holders of this degree are qualified to perform the complete spectrum of senior legal tasks in the private, public and not-for-profit sector which do not require a German State Examination.
Modules in Economics, Administration, Political Science and Social Sciences round off the course syllabus.
The study incorporates a six-month work placement and is completed with a three-month Bachelor’s thesis and an oral examination. In addition to the legal skills taught within the scope of this course, students graduate from the degree programme with an understanding of and skills in Business and Economics, Administration, Political Science and Social Sciences.
The legal issues dealt with in the programme focus on Civil Law including Commercial and Business Law, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, European Law, and Administrative Law.
Graduates also develop an understanding of the principles of the Rule of Procedure involved in these areas of Law. They are able to subject situations to legal analysis and discuss them in English. The degree programme imparts all the communication and social skills requisite for the tasks that its graduates will be entrusted with.

Professional field

The degree programme prepares its graduates for all practical areas of legal administration, which do not require a German State Examination. This includes roles in Public Administration, Project Management, Mediation and the performance of Management functions. These roles are usually found in the core areas of Law: the public and private sectors as well as national, international and supranational institutions.
Graduates often work in non-court tasks dealing with Civil Law, Criminal Law and Public Law.

Degree structure

The standard period of study covers six semesters; the degree programme is modularised. Students complete a work placement in the fourth semester. Holders of a Bachelor’s degree in Law are qualified for admission to a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree programme. Alternatively, the law-related modules of this Bachelor’s degree programme can be recognised within the scope of further Law degrees.

The course teaching is performed by academics and those engaged in practising Private Law, Public Law and Criminal Law.
Students are taught in the form of lectures, seminars, practice sessions and small group seminars.
Graduates of the programme are equipped with practical skills in the following areas:

  • Civil Law
  • Commercial and Corporate Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • European Law
  • Criminal Law
  • The principles of corresponding Process Regulations

They are able to subject situations to legal analysis and are in possession of high-level communication and social skills.
Graduates can discuss legal problems in English.
The degree programme is structured so that students will have no need for external revision services.

  • University entrance qualification or an entrance qualification for a University of Applied Sciences

Applicants without a German qualification need to apply via uni-assist e.V.

  • Winter semester  until 15 Juli

Programmakkreditiert durch den Akkreditierungsrat

Fees and grants

  • Tuition fees


  • Semesterfee

    ca. € 300 per semester (incl. local transport semester ticket)

Guidance for prospective students

Student Counselling Service

Telephone consultation hours
Tue, Thu 14.00–15.00

Important dates and deadlines

01.10. - 20.02.

Vorlesungszeit Wintersemester

01.02. - 27.02.

Prüfungszeitraum Wintersemester

25.03. - 10.04.

Wiederholungsprüfungszeitraum Wintersemester