Higher Police Service

  • Degree
    Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • Type of study
    Full-time study
  • Standard period of study
    6 semesters
  • Commencement of studies
    Winter semester (1 Oct), Summer semester (1 Apr)
  • Credits (ECTS)
  • Language of instruction
  • Department / Central Institute
    Department of Police and Security Management

Degree programme

The job of policing Berlin is as exciting and varied as the city itself. Perhaps the best reason to join the Berlin Police. The internal cooperative studies Bachelor’s degree programme Higher Police Service in the areas of uniformed Police, Criminal Investigation Department and Commercial Policing (Gewerbeaußen- dienst) is an interdisciplinary course of instruction combining elements from Police Studies, the Legal Sciences and the Social Sciences.
The degree programme is characterized by a rigorous academic approach, the range of the training it offers and a practical focus. Its students study the development of risks and the methods for their prevention and control. They are given training in how to recognize and deal with dangerous situations and develop an in-depth understanding of a range of social issues and police action.
Working within a range of theoretical and practical contexts, students of this course acquire the necessary knowledge and skills which qualify them to work independently to perform the tasks required by Higher Police Service.

Professional field

This Bachelor of Arts qualification qualifies its holder for the Higher Police Service. Graduates will start work with the uniformed Police. The first post- ing to the CID is to a crime prevention department at a local police station.

Degree structure

The Bachelor’s degree programme is structured into topical modules. The full-time degree programme is spread across six semesters and involves a number of internships of c. 12 months. The internships are completed in the non-teaching period and the fifth subject-specific semester. They include elements of practical training, sport and employment in Police units.
Students have the status of temporary civil servants in Police training and are paid in accordance with civil service scales of pay.

The syllabus contains the following modules:
01    Introduction to the Course and the Profession
02    The Principles of Operation Management
03    Criminology I
04    The Principles of Criminal Law
05    The Law of Intervention and the Principles of Police Work
06    Police and Public Order Law I
07    Basic Rights and Human Rights
08    The Principles of Criminology for Police Work
09    Criminology II (small-scale crime)
10    Police and Public Order Law II
11    The Police in State and Society
12    Leadership and Human Resources Management
13    Criminality in a Personal History
14    The Bachelor’s thesis
15    Internship – Practical Training
K 1   Violent Crime
K 2   Profit-based Criminality (National and International Criminality) K 3   Criminal Investigation Department Operations in Cases Falling Under the Jurisdiction of the Uniformed Police
S 1    Traffic I
S 2    Planning Exercise: the Response to Gatherings and Assemblies. S3    Response to Special Situations
S 4    Traffic II
V    Specialist stage in the fourth and sixth subject-specific semester

The application is to be submitted online to the Police President in Berlin: Polizei Berlin

Application period:

Winter semester:
mid-December of the previous year to the end of Januar y

Summer semester:
mid-June to the end of the July of the previous year

Programmakkreditiert durch den Akkreditierungsrat

Fees and grants

  • Tuition fees


  • Semesterfee

    ca. € 300 per semester (incl. local transport semester ticket)

Guidance for prospective students

Student Counselling Services

Vice Dean and Dean of Studies

Department of Police and Security Management
Prof. Dr. Janine Neuhaus