Alumni network at the HWR Berlin

Stay in touch with the HWR Berlin: As a former student, lecturer or staff member, you can become part of our alumni network. Register now and take advantage of all the benefits.

Have you studied, taught, conducted research or worked at the Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin (HWR Berlin)? Would you like to stay in touch or establish contact with your University and remain part of our vibrant university culture? If so, get in touch with us.

What are alumni?

The term alumni refers to all former students and graduates of the Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin (HWR Berlin) from both Germany and abroad. The Alumni Network at the HWR Berlin is also open to all current students, former and current staff, as well as donors and friends of the University.

 The Alumni Management team at the HWR Berlin aims to ensure graduates remain connected to the University in the long term. Mutual contact and exchange of experiences is promoted by way of different events. Our aim is to connect former students to each other and to preserve the communal nature of the University.

This results in the creation of a long-term network between the University and its former students, which is beneficial to both parties. We also regard alumni work as an integrating element and are also pleased to involve alumni in the Career Services for students, thus bringing students and alumni together.

Our alumni draw on their experiences and their feedback to help us structure our educational programme in a practical manner and improve teaching, research and the University culture; they are also our best ambassadors.

The Alumni Management team at the University works in collaboration with the alumni society Kontakte e. V., active University members and donors to the HWR Berlin to give you the opportunity to make new connections, discover common interests and concerns and develop them further. We also promote the exchange of experiences among alumni and with the University. You can play an active role in shaping our network.

Your opportunities as an alumni

  • Forming and making use of networks: professional and social contacts
  • Collaborating in our alumni associations
  • Discovering and recognising continuing education offers: e.g. Master's, MBAs or distance learning
  • Keeping up to date: Participation in events
  • Passing on your practical knowledge to students: Reporting on your career path, your professional experience and companies/employers
  • Encouraging students: Committing yourself either financially or in a non-material manner to young talent (such as the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship, mentoring etc.)

Our services for alumni

  • Promoting contact between students, alumni and teaching staff
  • Invitations to subject-related events and guest lectures
  • Information about relevant dates (such as the MBA info day, General Studies)
  • Job market: Are you looking for qualified students for theses, internships or career-starting roles? We are able to forward your request on.
  • Free of charge use of HWR libraries (only for Kontakte e.V. members)
  • Participation in free of charge Career Services seminars (only for Kontakte e.V. members)

Assistance in applying to become a lecturer at the HWR Berlin

As a member of our alumni etwork, you will have access to information and networking opportunities, receive invitations to selected events and a newsletter that provides you with the latest information from your university. Registration is free and open to all alumni of the HWR Berlin and its predecessor institutions.

Alumni of Berlin Professional School (or its predecessors IMB Institute of Management Berlin and Fernstudieninstitut) can register directly with the BPS Alumni Network.

Alumni, students and teaching staff will also find a large online network consisting of more than 6,000 members in our XING Community, enabling them, for example, to establish contacts, find subject-related networking activities and exchange experiences.

Your link to other former students
With your Kontakte e.V. membership, you will receive information from the University on a regular basis, along with access to other offers for alumni:

The alumni society for the HWR Berlin and its predecessor institutions

There are also networking opportunities available in the