Discrimination counselling

As an open, inclusive and diverse university, the HWR Berlin seeks to promote diversity in our role as both an employer and an institution of study, research and teaching. We operate a zero-tolerance policy and are committed to bringing any incidence of discrimination to an immediate stop, whilst respecting the rights and interests of those affected. The aims of our anti-discrimination policy, the associated safeguards and the measures that we implement to promote diversity are set out in our

What is discrimination?

Discrimination is defined as any form of unjustifiable and arbitrary treatment of persons, motivated by a reaction to actual or ascribed characteristics such as gender, ethnic origin or nationality, racist or anti-Semitic attributions, religion or belief, disability, chronic illness, age, language, sexual or gender identity or social status.

Do you suspect that you are experiencing disadvantage on the basis of (actual or ascribed) personal characteristics?

The anti-discrimination counselling service at the HWR Berlin provides advice and support to those asking this question. We can help you to understand your experience and establish your options.

We would encourage you to get in touch even if you are unsure as to whether what happened to you constitutes discrimination. All our services are provided in complete confidence; if you wish, we can provide an anonymous service. You can also contact the anti-discrimination counselling service if you have observed cases of discrimination against third parties at the HWR Berlin.

We recommend that you make a record of the incident. A form for this purpose has been provided by the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency and is available here (in German).

Reporting form

Use this form to contact the anti-discrimination counselling service, submit an anonymous report of discrimination or file a complaint.

Reporting discrimination

Internal contact persons

The HWR Berlin maintains a number of anti-discrimination contact points depending on the concern or question in hand. Don't know who to turn to? The Guide for concerns and complaints will put you in touch with the right person.

External counselling centres

The following counselling centres provide information, support and advice in cases of discrimination:


Anyone who has experienced discrimination has the right to make a complaint (including anonymous complaints), which is why the HWR Berlin has set up a Complaints Office. The Complaints Office investigates and examines the facts of the case, informs the responsible member of the executive committee of its findings and makes suggestions on how to proceed. The responsible member of the executive committee will take the decision regarding which measures to apply and any necessary sanctions. The complaints procedure is set out in detail in the Charter on Diversity and Antidiscrimination.  

You can submit a complaint via the reporting form. Please seek confidential advice before submitting your complaint.


Sonja Janositz

In-person appointments are possible at both locations. Please use the reporting form (link) to contact us.

Reporting form

Open telephone consultation
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