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A review of the HWR Berlin Winter School 2024

There is much to be said for virtual exchange mobility, but some programmes are surely destined to take place in-person – such as this year’s Winter School Programme.

25.01.2024 — Katja Zühlsdorf & Staci Karasch

Photo: Nina Göllinger

“This course is ideal for any student with a huge interest in business, economics and marketing,” said one student about his time at this year’s Winter School Programme on Strategy and Brand Management in the Brewing Industry.

The students met with the Deutscher Brauer Bund (German Brewers Association) and discussed about the policies and challenges, which effect the Brewing Industry today. The students dove into strategy talks with Lemke Brewery, one of the craft-beer pioneers in Germany. At Berliner Berg Brewery the students received keen insights into branding in the German Brewing Industry. The breweries also gave the students something to quench not just their knowledge, but also their thirst during the tastings.

The on-site programme was taught by Profs Christoph Dörrenbächer and Carsten Baumgarth and guest professor Jens Gammelgaard (CBS).

Throughout the programme, one major focus was on the vibrant host city of Berlin. Participants were able to explore and discover the city from different angles: As a business location and city of innovation as well as a capital rich in history and culture. “I learned so much about the German culture, my home culture as well as many things about myself,“ said another student about her journey.

What’s next? The HWR Berlin Summer School! This summer school has the exciting aspect that the UEFA European Championships in soccer will be taking place simultaneously in Germany. A real cultural bonus for students coming in summer!