HWR Berlin Summer & Winter School

Discover Berlin, deepen your academic knowledge and develop vital intercultural skills with one of the HWR Berlin’s short-term Summer and Winter School programmes.

Our range of business, law, economics, entrepreneurship, politics and language programmes are taught by the HWR Berlin’s acclaimed academic team. You will study alongside participants from across the globe whilst discovering Berlin’s unique culture and history.

HWR Berlin Summer School

I. Business

II. Business Law

III. German Language & Culture

HWR Berlin Winter School

Winter School 2021 cancelled
Preview: Winter School 2022

It was fascinating learning about the challenges and opportunities facing the service industry in Europe and strategies for global success. I learnt skills I will apply not only throughout my studies but also over my entire career.”

Jonty Binet, Curtin University (Australia), HWR Berlin Winter School participant 2020