Starting your studies

How do I enrol or study online? Students in their first semester are confronted with a whole range of questions like these. We have compiled an information pack providing everything you need to know in order to make a good start to your studies.

Welcome to the HWR Berlin

We wish you a good start to your studies and a successful semester. After three online semesters, the HWR Berlin would like to enable more presence and collaboration on campus in the winter semester 2021. So you can get to know fellow students and teachers and exchange ideas.

The organization of the HWR Berlin

Studying at the HWR Berlin

Organising the start of your studies − how does everything work?

Enrolment, semester ticket, course catalogue, timetables and registering for courses: You will find the most important organizational information here.

Check your enrolment pack

You can find your personal login data for the electronic services provided by the HWR Berlin in your enrolment pack.

Changing your password

How to change your password for the HWR Berlin electronic services, e.g. Moodle or e-mail account:

Contacting the IT help desk 

Please address any questions to the HWR Berlin IT department. The IT help desk is the first port of call for all students and members of the university and teaching staff who are experiencing IT problems:

Your most important companion for your studies

Your CampusCard is your best friend for the duration of your studies at the HWR Berlin. It functions as a student ID, semester ticket, dining hall card and library card all rolled into one. You can collect your CampusCard as soon as you have enrolled. You do not have to wait for the start of the semester.

Accessing your personal QR code

Your CampusCard is issued using a QR code, which the departments provide for you in Finca or Campus4u. Department 2 Cooperative Studies sends its students their QR code by e-mail.

The validity of your card is recorded on the rear of the card. This means that you need to validate your card for the coming semester after each re-enrolment.

Machines at the Lichtenberg Campus and Schöneberg Campus

You can update your CampusCard on the machines at the Lichtenberg Campus and Schöneberg Campus within the opening hours of the buildings in which they are located. You should expect long waiting times at the start of the semester.

The machines are located here:

  1. Schöneberg Campus
    In the foyer of House B, ground floor
    Badensche Straße 50-51
    10825 Berlin
  2. Lichtenberg Campus
    In the foyer of House 1, ground floor
    Alt-Friedrichsfelde 60
    10315 Berlin

Important on-campus registration by e-mail

The current pandemic regulations require all universities in Berlin to document the presence of all students and members of the university and teaching staff on their campuses. This is intended to enable the health authorities to trace the contacts of infected people. This means that every visit to rooms at the HWR Berlin must be documented. Please send a message to: anwesenheit(at)

Your e-mail must contain the following information:

  • Forename and surname
  • Telephone number 
  • Complete address or e-mail
  • Date and time of your presence on a campus of the HWR Berlin

Comply with social distancing and hygiene regulations

Social distancing rules apply:

  • Maintain a minimum of 1.5 metres distance from other persons in all the buildings and grounds of the HWR Berlin.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when inside buildings
  • Leave the building as soon as you have updated your CampusCard
  • Do not congregate in groups

Have you lost your CampusCard?

If you lose your CampusCard or it is stolen, you need to go to the Admission and Enrolment Services or University Library and arrange to have it disabled.

Further information:

Accessing the internet

Internet-capable computer workstations are available on the Lichtenberg Campus and Schöneberg Campus which can be used to write assignments.

Please note

Due to the Corona pandemic, workstations at both locations can only be used with a prior reservation.

You will need one of the following proofs in addition to a reservation:

  • Negative Corona test that is no more than 24 hours old
  • Proof of complete vaccination
  • Proof of recovery (minimum 28 days and maximum six months since positive test result)

Location of computer workstations:

Schöneberg Campus
Library, House A, 4th and 5th floors

Lichtenberg Campus
IT rooms in House 6A, room 6 A.125
Library House 6 B/C

Contacting teaching staff by e-mail

We would request that you always use your HWR Berlin e-mail to correspond with members of the teaching staff. How to set up and access your e-mail account:

Contact pages on the departmental web pages

All members of the teaching staff have their own HWR Berlin e-mail address. The website of your department lists all the staff in the department under the heading “People and contacts”. The list is alphabetical.

Alternative: Moodle, Finca or Campus4u

You can contact members of the teaching staff via Moodle, Finca or Campus4u − our Campus Management Systems:

Further information:

Important information by e-mail

Upon enrolment, you will be given an HWR Berlin e-mail address with which to perform all communication with other students and members of the university and teaching staff. We recommend that you read your e-mails regularly so as not to miss any important information.

You have mobile access to this account via the internet.

Further information in German:

Starting your studies with enrolment

After accepting your place to study on a degree course at the HWR Berlin, you need to enrol; this marks the commencement of your studies. Upon enrolment you become a member of the university and can use all its facilities and visit classes.

Please address all concerns relating to issues such as enrolment, intermission, study abroad, re-enrolment, confirmation of enrolment, the semester fee and disenrollment to the Admission and Enrolment Services or Course Office.

Do not forget to re-enrol

Students are required to re-enrol and pay the semester fee at the start of every semester. Make sure you complete this process by the deadline. Re-enrolment serves as confirmation that you wish to remain enrolled at the HWR Berlin in the coming semester.

Further information:

Represents students’ interests

Together, the Student Parliament (StuPa), the student departmental commissions and the General Students’ Committee (AStA) provide representation for the students of the HWR Berlin. The AStA is the governing body of the student body and is responsible for articulating their interests.

The tasks of the AStA include:

  • Organizing and running student projects
  • Providing students with information
  • Providing help and assistance in all matters relating to your studies
  • Conflict resolution between students
  • Organizing events

Further information:

For a successful start to your studies

The five departments of the HWR Berlin host introductory events for new students. Here you can make important contacts and find out about the most important aspects of your degree programme and university routine. You will also meet your fellow students.

Online or on-campus?

During the Covid-19 pandemic only selected classes will be taught face-to-face on campus. Find out whether a class will be taught on-campus or online by consulting the latest event calendar:

Information about the start of your studies via Moodle or e-mail

Important information about the commencement of your studies is available in Moodle or will be sent to your e-mail inbox.

What to do when you have computer problems

How can I change my password? Where can I find my course in Moodle? How do I access e-mails from my students' inbox? Please address all questions about the »online campus« or specific IT problems to the IT hotline. You can also ask questions by e-mail or at the help desks in person.

IT hotline

T 030 30877-2525

Help desks

Schöneberg Campus
House B, room B 0.47

Lichtenberg Campus
House 1, room 1.2089 and 1.2094

Registering for language courses via Campus4u or Finca

The generalist or specialist language courses currently on offer in your department or for your degree programme are listed in Campus4u and Finca. Register for them on these platforms:

Business language courses are open to all students

Courses in Business German, Business French, Business Spanish and Business Chinese for beginners run for the degree programme International Business Management in the Department of Business and Economics are open to all students at the HWR Berlin, space permitting.

E-mail to the Business Language Centre

Further information is available from the Business Language Centre. If you are going to study on the Lichtenberg Campus, please register early by e-mail, well before the start of the semester. You may first be required to enrol at the Schöneberg Campus as a student from another institution.

Further information:

Libraries with restricted opening hours

Due to the Corona pandemic, the university libraries at the Lichtenberg and Schöneberg campuses are currently open for borrowing and returning items only on a limited basis. Workstations in the reading room are available by prior reservation. As of July 14, 2021, fees will again apply if the loan period is exceeded.

Information on opening hours can be found here:

Printed and digital media at two locations

With over 200,000 media units, the University Library provides a range of comprehensive services at its locations on the Schöneberg Campus and the Lichtenberg Campus. In addition to traditional printed media, the library also provides licensed access to hundreds of thousands of electronic resources such as e-books and e-journals, which students can often use at home.

Schöneberg Campus library
House A, 4th and 5th floor

Lichtenberg Campus library
House 6C, access via House 6B, 1st floor

An introduction to the first weeks of study

The University Library provides students with information and support when using the library resources and performing literature searches and literature management. The University Library provides new students with an overview of the resources and services which it provides. Further information is available on the library website under training and advice.

CampusCard as a library card

Your CampusCard also serves as your library card. Have you yet to receive your CampusCard? Your enrolment number also functions as your user number for the University Library. Log on to Bibkey using your moodle access data.

Further information:

Online on Campus4u or Finca

Depending on the department in which you are studying for your degree, you can print out confirmation of enrolment from Campus4u or Finca:

Please note

Students of the Department of Cooperative Studies are unable to print out confirmation of enrolment from their campus management system; these will be sent to their e-mail inboxes by the department.

You can find printers and copiers here:

When the university has re-opened, you can use printers and photocopiers at various locations.

Schöneberg Campus

  • Coin-operated photocopier in House B, room B 1.41
  • Coin-operated photocopier and scanner in the Library, house A, 4th floor

Lichtenberg Campus

  • Coin and card-operated photocopier in the Library, House 6 B/C
  • Card-operated photocopier in House 5, ground floor
  • Card-operated photocopier in House 6B, 4th floor

Copy cards can be purchased from machines in the library.

Further information in German:

Registering for courses via the Campus Management System

View your timetable, access your grades, register for courses or courses in the General Studies programme: students at the Department of Business and Economics can use the Campus4u Campus Management System to organize their studies:

Students at the Department of Public Administration, Department of Legal Studies and the Department of Police and Security Management use Finca:

How to log in

Enter your personal user ID for your HWR Berlin account to log in to Campus4u or Finca. We send your username and password with your enrolment pack.

Further information:

Travel through Berlin and Brandenburg on your semester ticket

Your CampusCard also serves as your semester ticket. This ticket is valid in all public transport provided by the Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB) in fare zones ABC. A valid semester ticket entitles its holder to travel on all U-Bahn, S-Bahn, tram, bus, ferry and regional railway routes for the duration of a semester. Please note: The semester ticket is not valid on special services and extra tours.

Paying the semester fee and using the semester ticket

A vote by the student body of the HWR Berlin endorsed the provision of the semester ticket. It represents a case of social financing. The transfer of your semester fee upon enrolment or re-enrolment includes the purchase of a semester ticket, even if you do not make use of the travel to which it entitles. Payment for the semester ticket is due upon enrolment and re-enrolment.

Do not forget your official ID card

The semester ticket is non-transferable and valid only with your official ID card. You can find out how to validate your semester ticket under the heading: CampusCard.

Further information:

Logging in to the HWR Berlin WIFI free-of-charge

You can use free-of-charge WIFI on mobile devices at both the Lichtenberg Campus and Schöneberg Campus. You will need a special tool called Education Roaming. The tool and the step-by-step instructions for setting up your network can be found on the homepage of the IT department.

Further information:

The academic content of each degree programme is supervised by a professor from the HWR Berlin; organizational issues are co-ordinated by a Student Office.

Questions about the content of your degree programme

Questions about the taught content and modules of your degree and examinations etc. should be addressed to the relevant professor. Depending on the department in which you are studying, they can be called the academic director or course director.

Questions about organizing your studies

Please address any questions about the organization or administration of your degree programme to the responsible Student Office or Course Office. The exact organizational structure varies between the departments:

The Department of Business and Economics

  • The Student Offices of the department provide information relating to all questions relating to the organization of your degree programme, examinations, your final thesis and your studies in general.

Department of Co-operative Studies

  • Please address all questions relating to enrolment and the organization of your studies to the Course Office responsible for your degree programme.

Department of Public Administration

  • Please address questions about your studies to the Student Office in the departmental administration.
  • Please address questions about examinations and internships to the Examinations and Internships Office.
  • Please address all general administrative questions to Admission and Enrolment Services on the Lichtenberg Campus.

The Department of Legal Studies

  • Please address all questions relating to the organization of your degree programme and examinations to the Student Office responsible for your degree programme.
  • Please address all general administrative questions to Admission and Enrolment Services on the Lichtenberg Campus.

Department of Police and Security Management

  • Please address questions about your studies to the Student Office in the departmental administration.
  • Please address questions about examinations and internships to the Examinations and Internships Office.
  • Please address general administrative questions to the Enrolment Office on the Lichtenberg Campus.

Further information:

Further information on studying abroad can be found here.

And in Moodle
Please note that you will need to login to Moodle before you can access the courses listed below:

Equal opportunities for students

11 per cent of all students in Germany have a disability or chronic illness. Do you consider yourself to fall into one of these two categories? If so, we recommend that you seek advice as soon as possible, so that we at the HWR Berlin can offer you the relevant information, assistance and assessment arrangements. Get in contact in person, by e-mail or by telephone.

Further information:

Study more effectively and widen your horizons

How can I study most effectively? How do I stop procrastinating? The General Studies programme taught at the HWR Berlin offers a wide range of courses which help you to optimize your learning strategy, improve your academic writing or provide assistance in revision.

Further information:

Finding information in Moodle

The online platform Moodle facilitates communication, data transfer and the provision of additional services between members of the teaching staff and students and amongst students. Most importantly, you will find information and material about your courses and will be able to communicate with your teachers and fellow students.

Finding information in Campus4u or Finca

Supplementary information is available online from Campus4u or Finca.

  • Campus4u is the online campus of the Department of Business and Economics, the General Studies programme and the Berlin Professional School.
  • Finca is the online campus of the Department of Public Administration, the Department of Legal Studies, the Department of Police and Security Management and the Berlin Professional School.

Further information:

Keeping abreast of deadlines and dates

When does the current semester come to an end? When are examinations timetabled? When do I need to re-enrol? All the most important deadlines and dates relevant to your studies at the HWR Berlin are listed here.

Your university – here's how it looks


There are a number of ways of funding your studies: make an application for Bafög, apply to a foundation for a grant or find a job as a student employee.

Studying at university costs money

Students need to pay rent, buy clothes, food, and phone credit, pay the semester fee, buy books and a whole lot more. Studying costs money. We advise that potential students always work out how they plan to finance their studies.

  • Which organizations awards loans or grants to students?
  • What financing is available to study abroad?

You can find answers here:

Not just for the high achievers

Do you think that only the most gifted students can apply for a grant from a foundation? Not true! Obtaining a grant from a foundation is an excellent way of improving your finances. Foundations also provide grants to students who perform voluntary work at university or engage with particular issues.

It pays to look

Foundations do not just provide grants; many provide additional benefits such as:

  • Language courses
  • Grants for the costs of study
  • Participation in events

Recipients of such grants also begin networking during their studies which provides valuable contacts during their later career.

Which foundations can I apply to?

An overview of all the foundations to which you can apply is available on the internet in German:

Further information:

Working as a student employee is a very good way of combining paid work with your studies. The various departments, professors and sections of the university management advertise vacancies at the start of each semester.

Help wanted in all areas

Student employees provide a range of support services such as assistance in teaching and research or in course counselling.

Current vacancies:

Stellenticket − finding the right job for you

Stellenticket is the HWR Berlin employment portal. Whether you are looking for a job in Berlin, the region, Germany or the world, Stellenticket lists attractive jobs suitable for students and graduates of the HWR Berlin. Take a look:

Networking − you are not alone!

The HWR Berlin looks forward to connecting with you on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or in person during university sports ...




Facebook group for refugees


Become an Alumni