Enrolment and re-registration

Here you will find helpful information on enrolment and re-registration at the Department, semester fees, semester ticket, part-time study, leave of absence and withdrawal from study.

For a personal consultation you can visit us during our office hours. You cal also send us an email.

Important forms can be downloaded here.

Parents with small children, pregnant women, students with disabilities or chronic illnesses don't have to wait - please contact our staff directly.


You will receive notification of your admission to a degree programme by post. This contains all information about the further process up to enrolment.

  • Posting of admissions for Master’s and diploma programmes: as soon as possible after the application deadline
  • Posting of admissions for Bachelor's programmes: approx. 2 to 4 weeks after the application deadline
  • Rejection notices for Bachelor’s degree programmes: approx. 6 weeks after the application deadline

If you do not meet the admission criteria or if you have entered incorrect information when completing the online application form, your admission will be rejected. If you have not been awarded a place during clearing, we will send you a rejection notice.

You may relinquish your place of study. In this case please send us an informal letter. Semester fees which have already been paid will be refunded pro rata, but we are obliged to withhold an administration fee of 50 Euro.

Acceptance of a place and subsequent relinquishment before the start of the semester do not count as pre-study time. If you re-apply or enrol, you do not need to provide this information.
Applicants for higher semesters will only receive their admission or rejection notice shortly before the beginning of the semester, since in these cases we will have to await the students' re-register.

Proof of health insurance

To enrol you need proof of a statutory health insurance. Persons covered under statutory health insurance can obtain this from their health insurer ("students” department). Please request a "certificate for enrolment at a university".

If you are privately insured, proof of private health insurance is not sufficient. Please submit a copy of your "exemption from compulsory insurance" (issued by any statutory health insurance fund).


Register within the deadlines in the Campus4u campus management system. With your re-registration, you declare that you would like to remain enrolled for the following semester at the HWR Berlin. After successful re-registration, your certificate of enrolment can be accessed digitally via Campus4u.

Deadline for winter semester: 01.06. – 15.07.
Deadline for summer semester: 01.01. – 15.02. 

Semester fee

Full-time degree
Part-time degree
Guest students
Enrolment / re-registration fee
€ 50.00
€ 50.00
Students’ union contribution
AStA contribution
Semester ticket
Total semester fees from SS 2018
Lateness penalty (€ 19.94)


  1. Registration fees
    This amount is payable each semester, except for programme students (e.g. ERASMUS students).
  2. Contribution to the student body
    All HWR students are automatically members of the student body and have to pay a contribution.
  3. Contribution to Studentenwerk
    Studentenwerk (students’ union) manages the canteens and cafeterias at Berlin’s universities and also maintains the dormitories and counselling centres.
  4. Semester ticket
    The semester ticket is a public transport ticket (ÖPNV), which is valid only for students for one semester. You receive it automatically by paying the semester fee or the social contribution during enrolment or re-registration. For comparison: A standard monthly ticket for the whole of Berlin (fare zone AB) costs € 81.

Account no. of recipient: 068599000
Bank code: 100 700 00
Bank name: Deutsche Bank Berlin
IBAN: DE 50 1007 0000 00 68 599 000

Reference: Student number, surname, first name, abbreviation of degree programme
Payer: Name of payer

Please make sure that you transfer the information completely, correctly and clearly. Please send the amount within the re-registration deadlines, otherwise we will charge a lateness penalty of € 19.94.

If you lose your ID, you will receive a new student ID card with a semester ticket for a fee of € 10.23. Please contact us within our office hours in this case. Bring your identity card (or equivalent) and our sworn declaration.

Individual part-time degree

Studying at HWR Berlin is usually a full-time commitment. In certain cases, however, it is possible to complete a full-time degree programme on an individual, part-time study basis.
For details, see the Berlin Higher Education Act under Article 22, paragraph 4.

The completed application form (including proof) must be submitted to the office responsible for admission and enrolment.

  1. Employment
  2. Care and education of a child up to the age of 12
  3. Care of relatives in need of care (in the sense of the Nursing Time Act)
  4. Disabilities requiring part-time study
  5. Pregnancy
  6. Enforcement of a mandate of a higher education institution, the student body or Studierendenwerk Berlin
  7. Other serious grounds.

For students on a dual or internal degree program, consent is only given if the educational facility or authority has given its approval.

If possible, submit the application before the beginning of the semester. Part-time study is always granted for an even number of semesters. Part-time study in the final semester only will not be granted.

During in-work study, lectures are adapted to the occupational activities of the student and usually take place in the evening or on weekends. Part-time studies reduce the number of courses - the dates remain unaffected.

The transition to part-time study may have a significant impact on non-university benefits that students receive:

  • BAföG
  • Child benefit
  • Residential permissions

There may also be implications for:

  • Tax
  • Health insurance
  • Other

Binding information about BAföG is provided by the relevant BAFöG office:

In general, part-time study schedules are arranged independently by the students. You will receive help from your study office or the relevant departmental administration staff.

Application deadlines

10.3. for the summer semester
10.9. for the winter semester
Even when undertaking part-time study, all students remain full members of the university. This means: You will be required to pay the full semester fees on time during re-registration.

Resumption of full-time study

You are required to notify us when the reasons for part-time studies no longer apply. You may continue your full-time studies by submitting a cancellation:

Intermission semester

If you are unable to undertake your regular degree requirements in a semester, we will be able to receive your application for a intermission semester no later than eight weeks before the end of the semester. Submit the application to the office responsible for your degree programme.

  • Illness
  • Pregnancy, maternity leave, parental leave
  • Care of a minor
  • Care of dependent relatives
  • Military or alternative service or volunteer service

A  intermission semester for reasons other than those mentioned above require special adjudication.

Leave is only granted for one semester. It may only exceed two consecutive semesters in exceptional, justified cases and is permissible for no more than four semesters in total. For single parents and parents in general, a intermission semester may be approved for a maximum of six semesters.

A intermission semester for the 1st semester is usually granted only during pregnancy. Applicants who are unable to start their studies will be given preference during the next admissions process.

A intermission semester does not release you from payment of the semester fees. These must be paid in full.

You may be exempted from your Studentenwerk contribution by a intermission semester due to:

  • Pregnancy
  • Maternity leave
  • Military or alternative service
  • Leave of absence due to study abroad or internship outside of Berlin

For questions regarding semester ticket exemption during leave: AStA of the HWR Berlin

Withdrawal from study

If you do not wish to continue your studies, you can apply for withdrawal from study.

You can officially withdraw from your studies at the end of the current semester. Exception: Students who have written their dissertation in the previous semester and are only required to complete the oral final exam in the current semester. You will be unenrolled at the end of the month in which the exam takes place.

Submit the application to the Admissions and Enrolment Office. Beforehand, you must have it signed by the library at Schöneberg Campus (proof that you are no longer borrowing any books or have outstanding fees).