General Studies

As part of General Studies, students can attend courses beyond the compulsory curriculum. They can therefore acquire background knowledge, a sound general education, interdisciplinary thinking and job-related key qualifications.

The General Studies course offers you the opportunity to expand your knowledge beyond your chosen field of study. You can attend courses and seminars in economics, social sciences and law, as well as history, culture and languages, philosophy and ethics. The programme places great emphasis on key qualifications for studies and careers. At the numerous public events - which includes discussions, lectures and forums on current topics - both students and visitors are welcome at HWR Berlin.

All courses focusing on international topics or addressing international students:


Students of the HWR Berlin can enroll in the Studium Generale courses themselves during the regular enrollment periods of their respective degree programs.

If there are still places available in the courses, the corresponding courses will be re-opened for registration.

Visiting students, guest auditors, and students of Department 2: Cooperative Studies can register for General Studies courses in the first two weeks of each semester by email.

For the courses, depending on the scope and own work, 0.5 up to 2.5 ECTS credits can be awarded. You can complete the courses of Studium Generale with an ungraded or a graded performance; for a graded performance, please agree with your lecturers on the form and date of the examination.

For successful participation, you must have attended at least 80% of the course hours.

The ECTS credit points will be deposited in S.A.M. as of the winter semester 22/23.

For didactic reasons, we offer a few courses for only a limited number of participants.
Registration for these courses is no different to the usual procedure. At the end of the registration period, places will be distributed by lot to those applicants who registered in good time. Applicants who can show it is particularly necessary that they complete a course will be given preference.

This applies in particular to

  • students who are bringing up their own children and are therefore reliant on block courses that lie outside the teaching period;
  • students of HWR Berlin who need credit points from this particular course for a running or imminent application procedure fora Master's degree programme.

Special reasons for preferential consideration for place allocation must be demonstrated to the General Studies office prior to the application deadline, without prompting.
The General Studies offices informs applicants whether or not they have been admitted to the course or placed on the waiting list.

If you are unable to attend a seminar, please inform us immediately by email so that fellow students on the waiting list may be able to participate.
If you do not participate in a seminar without cancelling, we ask for your understanding that we will only allocate you waiting list places in the future.

Sometimes plans change and students admitted to a course cannot participate. This applies in particular to block courses occurring during the semester break. Therefore, about 4 weeks before the start of the course, we will write again to all admitted participants by email, and ask for confirmation of participation to be returned within a period of one week. If participation is not confirmed, places will be redistributed to applicants on the waiting list.

Participation is free of charge for HWR Berlin students and for students of other universities.

Attendees without student status can register for General Studies courses in the first two weeks of the semester for 50 Euros per course.
You can also register by email at: studium.generale(at)

Refugees can participate in the courses as guest auditors at any time. Refugees are exempt from course fees.


Coordination Studium Generale
Arndis Heß