International Security Management

  • Degree
    Master of Arts (M.A.)
  • Type of study
    Full-time study
  • Standard period of study
    4 semesters
  • Commencement of studies
    Summer semester (1 Apr)
  • Credits (ECTS)
  • Language of instruction
  • Department / Central Institute
    Department of Police and Security Management

Degree programme

International Security Management is a multi-disciplinary study programme covering the increasingly important and complex international aspects of security.

This full-time English-language programme provides an interdisciplinary survey of security-related topics with a special focus on political science / international relations, criminology, law, psychology, risk and crisis management, policing studies, IT security, and economics. It combines theoretical aspects of international security studies with practical applications, such as risk, crisis, and disaster management; the protection of critical infrastructure; and quality assurance in the security sector. These issues are all taught in context, with a focus on professionalism, human rights, and accountability. Class attendance is mandatory.

The Master’s degree programme is open to graduates of Bachelor’s degree courses in any academic discipline related to security, with a preference for students with a Bachelor’s degree and/or practical experience in the areas of security studies / security management, international relations, international law, public administration, criminology, policing studies, or IT security. Strong English language skills (including academic writing) are required. We recommend C1 as minimum level.

Professional field

Graduates of the degree programme International Security Management are awarded the internationally-accepted qualification »Master of Arts« (M.A.) The degree programme qualifies graduates to assume management roles in commercial and state security organizations, as well as to shoulder demanding security tasks in nationally and internationally-active companies and state agencies, NGOs and aid organizations.

Graduates of this degree course will also be qualified for the higher levels of German public administration (in accordance with the joint decision of the Innenministerkonferenz and the Kultusministerkonferenz).

Degree structure

The Master’s degree programme consists of four consecutive phases: an introductory phase serving to focus and extend students’ existing theoretical under- standing and practical skills is followed by a specialization phase with elective topics. The third semester is dedicated to an internship, in which students can apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical context; this serves as preparation for management responsibilities. The fourth semester is a research semester, in which students attend a research seminar and colloquia whilst writing their Master’s thesis.

Teaching is seminar-based. Particular importance is placed on the use of case studies to extend the students’ theoretical understanding.

  • Module 1: Research and Methodology
  • Module 2: Globalisation, Security Challenges & Governance
  • Module 3: International Management of Risks and Crises
  • Module 4: Organisation, Leadership and Economics of Security Management I
  • Module 5: Normative Theories, Ethics and Accountability in International Security Management I
  • Module 6: Crime Control in a Global Environment
  • Module 7: Organisation, Leadership and Economics of Security Management II
  • Module 8: Information, Knowledge Protection and Cybersecurity
  • Module 9: Normative Theories, Ethics and Accountability in International Security Management II
  • Module 10: Current Issues in International Security Management
  • Module 11: Elective A or Elective B: Electives to be defined every year (e.g. Transport Security; Terrorism; Pandemics)
  • University degree (min. 180 ECTS)
  • English language skills: Level B2
  • letter of motivation (in English)
  • Curriculum Vitae (in English)

Applicants with a degree from a German university:
Please, apply through our platform  

Applicants with a degree from a university abroad:
Students with a Non-German Bachelor degree apply at uni-assist e. V.

Programmakkreditiert durch den Akkreditierungsrat

Fees and grants

  • Tuition fees


  • Semesterfee

    ca. € 300 per semester (incl. local transport semester ticket)

Information for prospective students

Student Counselling Service

Telephone consultation hours
Tue, Thu 14.00–15.00

Degree Programme Coordinator

Mechthild Bonnen

Department of Police and Security Management
Mechthild Bonnen
Degree programme coordinator of "M.A. International Security Management"

Academic Director

Prof. Dr. Juergen Weichselgartner

Department of Police and Security Management
Prof. Dr. Juergen Weichselgartner
Guest Professor of Crisis and Risk Management

Deputy Academic Director

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Aden

Department of Police and Security Management
Prof. Dr. Hartmut Aden
Professor of European and German Public Law, Public Policy and Public Administration