Applying for a cooperative studies degree programme

Whether you wish to study for a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science − the Department of Cooperative Studies at the HWR Berlin offers around twenty cooperative studies degree programmes.

The advantages of a cooperative studies degree programme

A cooperative studies degree programme combines practical experience-based company training with academic teaching. The theory and practice phases alternate and complement each other. A cooperative studies degree programme has many advantages:

  1. Be paid for learning: Study with financial security.
    A monthly salary of 800 to 1,500 Euros. 
  2. Practical from day one: Acquire professional experience from the first semester onwards. Combine intensive study with regular periods of practical work.
  3. Learn from the professionals: We have 25 years of experience in the provision of cooperative studies degree programmes. 
  4. From DHL to rbb: We work together with over 700 partners to offer world-beating degree programmes. Find a company that suits you. 
  5. A bright future: Make a seamless transition from studying to the world of work.Our graduates have the know-how that their branch needs.

Apply for a dual study program

This is how your studies at the HWR Berlin work

Cooperative studies degree programmes at the HWR Berlin

Those interested in enrolling on a cooperative studies Bachelor’s degree programme at the HWR Berlin should not apply directly to the university, but are to send their application to the partner company or institution of their choice. Find out which partner companies work with which degree programmes at the HWR Berlin:

Information about applying for a place on a degree programme:
Degree qualification
Partner companies available in each degree programme:
Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)

Business Administration/Banking

Business Administration/Industry

Business Administration/Insurance

Business Administration/Logistics and Transportation

Business Administration/Real Estate Management

Business Administration/Service Management

Business Administration/Taxation and Auditing

Business Administration/Tourism

Business Administration/Wholesale and Retail Degree

Business Information Systems

Civil Engineering

Computer Science

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Technical Facility Management

Find a company that suits you

The HWR Berlin works together with over 700 partner companies:

Cooperative studies degree programmes: find a partner company

The application procedure

Applicants should select a partner company at which they would like to complete their training. Each partner company sets the application procedure and deadline. They all have differing requirements: some companies require the submission of an online application; others require a portfolio. Others still use assessment centres.

Every application requires submission of:

  • A letter of application
  • A Curriculum Vitae
  • Copies of certificates and other proofs of qualification

I recommend a timely application. Many companies require that applicants apply at least a year in advance.

Burak Eren, student employee at the Student Counselling Services. Photo: Burak Eren

A contract with a partner company

As soon as a partner company has selected the applicants which it wishes to train, it will conclude a training agreement with them. A template contract can be downloaded below.

  • Additional application to the university is not required.

Admission requirements for a cooperative studies degree programme

Applicants hoping to study at the  Department of Cooperative Studies at the HWR Berlin require two things as a minimum:

  1. A training agreement from a company with a partnership agreement with the HWR Berlin for the chosen cooperative studies degree programme.
  2. A recognized university entrance qualification such as a German Abitur or an entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences.

Some applicants will be required to demonstrate certain language skills or the acceptance in Germany of their non-German qualifications.

FAQ: Applying for a cooperative studies degree

What does a cooperative studies degree programme cost? Can I apply for a maintenance grant (Bafög)? When do I have to submit my application? These and other frequently-asked questions about a cooperative studies degree programme are answered here:

The partner company set the application deadlines

There is no general application deadline for a cooperative studies degree programme. The application procedure and deadline are determined by the respective company. Admission to a cooperative studies degree programme requires a university entrance qualification and a training agreement with one of our partner companies.

Applying for free places

Free places are often still available shortly before the commencement of the academic year resulting from the withdrawal of other applicants.

Applicants are selected by the partner companies

Cooperative studies degree programmes are not subject to a Numerus Clausus (NC); the Department of Cooperative Studies at the HWR Berlin does not select applicants according to their academic performance. The selection procedure is conducted by the partner company, who can use the school grades as a basis on which to reach their decisions.

Bachelor’s degree six semesters, Master’s degree four semesters

Bachelor’s degree programme taught at the Department of Cooperative Studies always starts on 1 October, and lasts three years (six semesters). The theoretical and practical phases usually alternate on a three-monthly basis. A cooperative studies Master’s degree programme lasts four semesters and starts every 1 October.

The semester fee includes the cost of a semester ticket

Students are required to pay a semester fee of c. 300 Euros per semester, which covers an administration fee and the costs of a semester ticket. Information about the exact cost of the semester fee is provided upon admission to or re-enrolment in a degree programme. Universities in Berlin do not charge tuition fees for Bachelor’s degree programmes.

Further information:

Any grant paid will be reduced by the amount of earnings

Students at the Department of Cooperative Studies at the HWR Berlin can apply for BAföG. Nevertheless, as they receive a salary, this will be deducted from any maintenance grant for which they are eligible.

Further information about financing your studies

Personal consultation for cooperative studies degree programmes

Diana Jurgec

Campus Lichtenberg
Building 5, Room 5.4003
Alt-Friedrichsfelde 60
10315 Berlin

Drop-in office hours
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