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Disrupt The Status Quo: What Can We Do About Sexual Violence Against Women?



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Representative for women‘s affairs and gender equality


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in 3 women globally have experienced sexual violence in their course of life, which is equivalent to 736 million women. Shocking, right? Imagine that this number is taking into account only the reported incidents, the real number is probably three times higher.

Only together we can disrupt the status quo regarding sexual violence against women. We can smash the patriarchy, shout out to say no and enough and normalize the conversation about sexual violence against women.

On this day, we orange the world and keep the conversation going by raising more awareness on the issue of sexual violence against women. This workshop brings women's voices into the room and will include a presentation of Feminist research on the topic, activities to help us further understand the severity of sexual harassment and further approaches that will help us in mitigating the problem women have been facing for decades.

The workshop offers the opportunity for open exchange among each other on the topics of sexual harrassment and violence and to discuss about consent (what it is and why it is important).


Omar Sadek, born and raised in Egypt, living in Berlin since 2019. He graduated last year at the HWR Berlin with a Master of Arts in International Security Management. His thesis focused on 'Mitigating sexual violence against women using Emotional AI in regards to the legal threshold and the right to privacy in the EU and Egypt.' He is currently working as a Consultant at Market Logic Software.

He says: "The idea of a man talking about sexual violence against women specially, could sound a bit eerie, I know. Nevertheless, I am only bringing feminists and women's voices into the room to raise more awareness and share the knowledge I have gained from their research. Coming from a society where issues of sexual harassment and assault are fundamentally pervasive triggered my passion and interest to support the women tackling the problem. Given that there is nothing in my power to do to protect my mother, my best-friend, my girl-friends or any other women, I decided that the least I could do is contribute through whatever power I have and through research and academia I can try to tackle it."


Open to all students of HWR Berlin and all genders, maximum 20 participants


A binding registration to the Women's Office (frauenbuero(at) is required. Please include your matriculation number and student email address. You will receive a registration confirmation with further information.

We ask that the persons who have made a binding registration take part or, if they are unable to attend, cancel early so that other persons can take their place if necessary.