Prof. Dr. Till Strohsal

Department of Business and Economics

Professor of Economics, esp. Economic Policy

Prof. Dr. Till Strohsal

Postal address
Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin
Badensche Straße 52

10825 Berlin

Visiting address
Campus Schöneberg
Building B, Room B 5.10
Badensche Straße 50-51
10825 Berlin

Professional career

10/2023 - present
Professor of Economics, esp. Economic Policy
Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR Berlin), Department of Business and Economics

09/2020 - 09/2023
Federal Chancellery, Division: Economic Policy; Economic Development; Special Tasks

10/2015 - 08/2020
Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, Division: Monitoring, Analysis and Projection of Macroeconomic Development

05/2018 - present
Freie Universität Berlin

10/2010 - 12/2016
Teaching and Research Assistant
Institute for Statistics and Econometrics, Freie Universität Berlin (Prof. Dieter Nautz, Econometrics) and Collaborative Research Centre 649: Economic Risk, Project Area C14 "Expectations Management of Central Banks", Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

03/2012 - 07/2012
European Central Bank, Monetary Policy Strategy Devision

10/2009 - 09/2010
Teaching and Research Assistant
Universität Regensburg (Prof. Enzo Weber, Empirical Economics)

10/2007 - 09/2009
Student Teaching Assistant
Institute for Statistics and Econometrics, Freie Universität Berlin (Prof. Jürgen Wolters, Econometrics)


Habilitation (Economics, Focus: Applied Econometrics)
 "Essays on Empirical Macroeconomics", Freie Universität Berlin

Ph.D. in Economics (Dr. rer. pol.)
"The Term Structure of Interest Rates and Monetary Policy: An Empirical Assessment", Freie Universität Berlin, Doctoral Committee: Prof. Dieter Nautz, Prof., Helmut Lütkepohl, Prof. Enzo Weber, Prof. Jürgen Wolters

Diplom-Volkswirt (MSc equiv. in Economics)
Freie Universität Berlin


Empirical methods to analyze macroeconomic research questions

Time Series Analysis and Frequency Domain Analysis

Inflation Expectations Anchoring

Term Structure of Interest Rates

Financial Cycle and Business Cycle


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