Advice and support in dealing with issues of sexualised discrimination and violence

What is sexualised discrimination and violence?

Sexualised discrimination and violence is understood to be any gender-related behaviour, that is expressed verbally, non-verbally or physically, which results in the violation of individual dignity as perceived by the person concerned.

Sexualised discrimination and violence encompasses a broad range of behaviour. This includes:

  • Derogatory remarks and non-verbal communication of a sexualized nature
  • Sexist representations, which reduce people to their gender
  • Verbal, pictorial or electronic presentation of pornographic images
  • Unwanted physical contact and importunity
  • Stalking with (also indirect) sexual background
  • Sexual assault and rape

The protection of university members against sexual discrimination, harassment and violence (Guidelines of the Berlin School of Economics and Law)

The HWR Berlin has passed the Statute for realizing Gender Equality of Opportunity on 09.02.2016 in order to regulate the response procedure to incidents of sexual discrimination, harassment and violence.

The aim of these guidelines is to protect the members of the Berlin School of Economics and Law against sexual discrimination, harassment and violence. The guidelines establish the responsibilities in each case and establish the procedure following reports of sexual discrimination and violence.

Further support services for women in emergencies:

Police station Schöneberg
Hauptstr. 45
10827 Berlin
+49 30 4664-442701

Police station Lichtenberg
Nöldnerstr. 35
10317 Berlin
+49 30 4664-664700

Weißer Ring
(Independent support organisation for victims of crime and their families)
116 006 (bundesweit)

Gewaltschutzambulanz der Charité
(Outpatients’ clinic for the victims of violence at the Charité)
Turmstraße 21 / Haus N
10559 Berlin
+49 30 450 570 270

Berliner Krisendienst
(Crisis support)

Region Tempelhof Schöneberg
Albrechtstraße 7
12165 Berlin
+49 30 39 0 63 -60

Region Lichtenberg Marzahn-Hellersdorf
Irenenstraße 21 A
10317 Berlin
+49 30 39 0 63 -70