Teaching staff portal − information and service for teaching staff

Who, how, what and where: are you a professor or do you teach part-time at the HWR Berlin? Welcome to the web page for HWR teaching staff. It provides everything you need to know to work effectively.

Getting started quickly: internet, e-mail, logging in to wifi and much more

Accessing e-mail from outside the university

This service enables you to access your official e-mail from outside the university facilities. Simply enter your user name and password:

Logging in to wifi

Use the Education Roaming assistant to login to the HWR wifi:

Accessing data and documents from home

Set up your VPN access to provide access to the HWR Berlin data network:

Contacting the IT hotline

Having IT problems? The HWR Berlin IT help desk is the central contact point for all students, employees and members of the teaching staff:

T +49 30 30877-2525
E it-hotline(at)hwr-berlin.de

The HWR Berlin Intranet: everything from A-Z

Verschiedenfarbige gespitzte Buntstifte. Foto: Getty Images

Whether you need to find out about working hours, holidays or how to obtain business cards: all the internal information relating to the organization of your university duties is held on the HWR Berlin Intranet. Accessing it from outside HWR facilities requires VPN access.

Information for part-time lecturers