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The world is a guest at the Lichtenberg campus

The Lichtenberg Campus of the HWR Berlin is filling up with life again. This includes the 22 exchange students at the Departments of Public Administration and Legal Studies in the summer semester.

13.05.2022 — Nina Reichle

Photo: © manley099/E+/Getty Images

They come from nine different countries this semester: Brazil, France, Georgia, Greece, India, the Netherlands, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and Turkey.

At home, they are studying Public and Municipal Administration, Law, International and EU Law, European Studies, State Administration, Public Administration, International Relations, Social Sciences, Safety and Security Management.

„I like about the HWR Berlin that the classes are so small and interactive. We have the chance to talk to each other and communicate more which is so different to my greek classes that are just lectures, and there are so many people in one class“ – (Sonia, Greece)

„I decided to come to HWR Berlin because the city of Berlin is totally unique and one that is completely different to my home town. The experiences that you can get from the city are ones that will stay with you for life. My mother being German also made me want to experience her background and culture, the courses offered by HWR Berlin enabled me to do this as they were not only interesting but relevant to Germany itself.“ – (Henry, UK)

„I chose the HWR Berlin because I had German classes back home and I always liked Germany.“ – (Sonia, Greece)

We wish all exchange students a successful summer semester.

HWR Berlin students who would like to find out more about studying abroad are cordially invited to the International Day at the Lichtenberg Campus on Monday, 16 May 2022.